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Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Weekend - part 1

Austin looks SO BIG!!! He's practically a man!

Nanny was so excited to finally get to hold little Addison Grace!

Does this look like a fun pool party or what?

Four Generations...Nanny, Mom, Me, & Addison

Savannah is looking so big now! I can't believe she is almost 1!!!

"Daddy, don't I look pretty in my swimsuit?" :)

Jackson fishing pool side

Baylee is quite the swimmer! Amazing!

I just love it when the cousins are all together!

Savannah LOVED the pool! She'll be swimming with her sister in no time!

Emma & Addison

The Granddaughters! Addison, Baylee, Savannah & Emma

We had a fabulous cookout at my mom's for the 4th of July! Lots of yummy food and fellowship with family!!! The pool was a bit chilly but it didn't stop the kids. Kids never seem to mind a cold pool! It was so fun showing off Addison to her cousins. They were so excited to meet her! What a blessing we have in our precious family! We had such a wonderful time!


Sheila said...

I absolutely love these pictures! It was so very nice to have all the grandchildren together for food, fun and a cold dip in the pool! You wouldn't know the water was cold unless someone told you. The pictures make it look warm and inviting. It sure didn't stop the children! Can't wait to do it again soon!!! I am extremly thankful to Anthony that he didn't move you too far away! Thanks Anthony!
Love, Mom

Vonda said...

Wow Beth your nieces and nephews are getting so big! And little Addison is getting big too. What a doll baby!!! I know your family must have had a ball seeing y'all and celebrating too and esp. seeing sweet Addison.

Katy said...

I absolutely can't believe how big Savannah looks in this pictures! Like she's one of the big girls! I know your Nanny was especially happy to have you there for the weekend - it looks like a GREAT time!

Linda Williams said...

Just cannot wait to see you all again! I cannot believe how big my little Addison is getting.

And yes, all the cousins are growing like weeds out of control!

I know a good time was had by all!