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Monday, July 28, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade

Look at these boys! I just love them to pieces!

a quick hug from Mrs. P and Mrs. Lee...His Kindergarten Teachers

showing me his new cubby

Mrs. Cheuvront and Harrison - His new 1st Grade Teacher

sitting at his table

My BIG boy headed off to first grade this week! Can't believe it! He LOVED it and I hope it will be as wonderful this year as it was last year. Mrs. Cheuvront seems to be a very nice teacher and we're expecting a GREAT year! I was a bit worried because after our FABULOUS week in VA last week...which I will be posting pictures of soon...he did NOT want to come home. When we left on Sunday he cried and cried. He didn't want to leave his cousins, he didn't want to live in Raleigh anymore, and he certainly did NOT want to start school! Boy was I worried! We had so much fun that going home and starting school sounded like a real downer to him!

He woke up a little grumpy and after he got dressed and had breakfast I sent him to brush his teeth and comb his hair. When he came out he said "here comes a 1st grade boy"! He is SO CUTE!!! He had completely snapped out of his funk! Praise the Lord! I was worried we would be dropping him off kicking and screaming! :) He loved his first day and has worked back into the routine beautifully! It's been good for Jackson and I to get back to our daily routines too. Mimi & Papa are here this week to hang out with their grandbabies and help mommy so everyone is happy! Some naps are in my future and I am so excited. Not very many naps to be had when the third baby joins the family so this is a REAL TREAT!!!! :) So far it's been a GREAT week! :)


The Hilemans said...

we think that's one rockin' t-shirt! where did you get it? (Kellen wants to look "cool" for his first day of kindergarden, and his suggestion was a t-shirt that says "my first day of kindergarden." I'm thinking that's not cool.

Katy said...

I've been waiting for these pictures!! Totally adorable - I love the rock star shirt and love that was what he wore!!! His teacher looks so cute (and his teacher from last year looks incredible - how old is her baby now? WOW!) Harrison looks so tall next to them!!! Praying for another WONDERFUL year for Harrison!

Heather said...

can you believe they are already in FIRST grade???weren't we just potty training?...this growin' up stuff is so hard for me!

Jen said...

Wow - first grade, how cool. I'm starting to think the idea of year round school is cool because it does make the transition back easier. Glad Mimi and Papa are there for reinforcements - take some good long naps!

Andy & Jen said...

Glad to hear he bounced back from your trip so quickly. You will be so amazed at the things he's going to learn in first grade. Sometimes I think Alex knows more than me!

Natalie said...

Wow...first grade. We'll be doing that in a couple of weeks. Let's just hope our day goes as well as yours did:)

Sheila said...

FIRST GRADE for Harrison! Wow! Where have the years gone? I can still remember waiting for him to arrive and for God to send your family South again...My, my how the years have flown! I am so pleased that you live in Raleigh and I am praying for this to be a great year for your entire family!!!!!
Love, Mom

Vonda said...

Oh I am so proud of Harrison...he looks so grown up standing there with Jackson heading off to 1st Grade. It's like your Mama says, Where have the years gone? Just yesterday he was Addison's age and now he is a little boy growing up. Please put a brick on his head until his Aunt Vonda comes back to give him a great big hug...he's growing up way too fast.

Linda Williams said...

What a HANDSOME school boy he is!

Mimi and Papa