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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a pop in visit from the schrodt family

David and Katy were heading to FL for a 10 yr Anniversary getaway and stopped in Raleigh on their way down. It was a very brief visit, they got here at about 3:30pm and left at 3:30am in the morning! :) We were so excited that they wanted to pop in and meet little Addison Grace! We loved seeing them! It's been too long. I hadn't even seen Callie walking yet! They boys had fun together playing super hero's as you can see. It was so special to us that our special friends wanted to stop in, even though it was quick, to meet our new baby girl. We love you guys!


Jen said...

I heard Callie thought Addison was her baby doll. How fun just to have a quick visit!

Katy said...

It just wasn't long enough - it NEVER is!!! We loved getting to have our little Addison fix and can't wait until the next one!!! Thanks for letting us barge in!!!

Linda Williams said...

It sure looks like the super heroes all had a ball! I can just see Jackson now.....whipping out his sword!

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