Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

out on the town

i've been trying to make sure we have a least a few morning activities each week. it's hard for all of us if we are in the house the entire day...although sometimes that would be easier for leads to WAY too many discipline problems. trying to keep busy to keep the boys making good choices when it comes to behavior. we're adjusting on two job for daddy and new baby in the house. so it's better for everyone if we are getting out and about! :) the boys are doing great and each week seems like it's getting better and more "normal".

i am LOVING life with my three!!! the work is worth it and i'm loving every minute of these three precious children!!! just trying to take one day at a time! ;)

first movie at 6 1/2 weeks old

went to the free movie last week with friends from church and saw Jimmy Neutron. it was a great distraction for the kids and nice to be able and sit in a dark place and relax for a bit! :)

another day we met friends at jumpin beans and got the kids wild energy out. perfect activity for little boys...and girls! :)


Heather said...

We are so thankful you like to get out...we get to enjoy the company and Kinsey gets to see HER 'Jacksee'! It's been so fun hanging out this summer...can't wait for you to get back:)

Vonda said...

Yeah...Addison's 1st movie...I'm sure the boys had a ball getting out and about. Cabin fever can set in quickly huh???

Katy said...

you are doing GREAT beth! I know it's hard having to adjust to all of these life changes at once, but you are rocking it!!! :)

Linda Williams said...

Yes, Beth, I am proud of you too! You know I was worried about you having to make all these adjustments, but you are doing just fine!


Jen said...

Good job! You don't have to make it look so easy - gives me hope!