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Thursday, July 3, 2008

the dentist

the boys had GREAT dentist appointments! this was jackson's first "real" cleaning. they've looked him over and "pretended" before. he did really well. he had a great example in his big brother. we LOVE Dr. Olson and Dr. Kofield. they have a really fun office. they even have glasses they get to wear during their cleaning to keep the light from shining in their eyes too bright! they got good reports which is always exciting! harrison will have to have sealants(sp?) next time which AGAIN makes him feel so old! i remember getting those! oh my goodness, where is the time going?

AND, taking three kids to the dr. was surprisingly not that difficult. i've had a few places i've taken them all together and feel like we're working into a good little routine. that is VERY exciting to me! :)


Janet said...

Love the sunglasses! What an awesome dentist! You are doing SO great with three children!

Sheila said...

I too LOVE the sunglasses! I can remember the "Not so cool old days" when I went to the dentist! He hurt me so bably and really didn't care. When you girls went to the dentist...It was better...but not like today!!!! I am so pleased about the way you get up and go with all three... You will be glad you do... Just use common sense and keep the trips short and sweet!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

You guys are doing great - getting into the groove of "real" life! :) Congrats Jackson - I knew you'd love it! :)

Jen said...

Looks like a super cool dentist and great reports. Glad to hear the transition to 3 isn't that bad, maybe I'll try it one day!!!

Vonda said...

Love the shades!!! How precious!!! And go girl on getting out with all 3!!! And here I am feeling all accomplished with getting just 2 out the door. ;)

Linda Williams said...

Now wait just a cotton-picking minute! I think I will change dentists! Mine does not give me glasses and I am jealous! And.....furthermore....Papa does not even take a picture of me to make it special for me either!

I know my little guys were so brave and had such fun and I am so glad to hear they had good see boys....all that brushing paid off!

Mimi and Papa