Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


pray for Addison today.

she has her follow-up appointment for her bladder infection at 9:15am. they will most likely cath. her to get a urine sample. :(

she has a renal ultrasound to check her bladder and kidneys at 12pm. please pray that everything will look as it should.



Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

That sounds miserable..poor thing! Hope she is feeling better soon and everything comes back normal! I'll be praying for you too....that can't be easy seeing your baby go through that!

Janet said...

Beth, I'm praying for Addison today during all of these tests!!

Q said...

Hi Beth - thank you so much for the sweet comments - I will definitely pass them along to Kenny...we're so thankful to have joined the club and look forward to many more to come - we have a lot of cathing up to do! haha Take care and I'll say a prayer for both you and Addison today...sounds like a rough day for mommy too :(