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Thursday, September 18, 2008

she's changing...too soon!

this whole year, prepare yourself, i'm going to be talking a TON about how Addison is growing up too fast. she's the baby of the family and will always be the "baby" but she's not going to be a baby forever! already i feel like she is changing so much.

while each "new" thing is exciting and i love every thing she does, there is always something she's not doing anymore. i'm trying not to be emotional about it but it's not working too well.

her latest change...she REALLY only wants to nap in her bed. i knew it would come. this is an inconvenient change. i'm happy that she loves her bed. i want her to love her bed. she's just not interested in falling asleep in the car without screaming first and she's not big about falling asleep while being held. all GREAT things, she needs her bed. BUT, i can't be at home every time she should be in her bed. oh well.... third child will just have to deal! :) Wed. night after we got home from church, i put her in her bed and she got the biggest smile on her face and started giggling. hilarious! she was so excited to be in her bed. then this morning she took a 2 hour morning nap! she was perfectly content in her comfy, cozy bed.

she's changing. not the little newborn who sleeps on the go any old place. it's just a reminder that she's getting older and i'm not sure i like it too much. :) i think it's because i know how much i've already forgotten with the boys and how FAST it has gone. i'm trying to cherish and i just hope i can fit enough memories in my head to satisfy me for a lifetime. something tells me i won't be able to!


Heather said...

Yeah..Cailey was our child who never napped anywhere else..but really it worked out well because she was a first child and I NEVER had anywhere to go:). SHe did, however, do the screaming in the car until she fell asleep thing-even up until she was 2 1/2! I was just telling Janet today how old my kids are getting...growing up WAY too fast. Look at it this way: at least you KNOW she's your last so cherish each moment:)

Bridgette said...

or you could just have another one......

so cute about her giggling when she saw her bed!!:)

Janet said...

Beth....I SO relate. I just commented on Heather's blog how I no longer have a "little, little" hand to hold since my youngest is already 5.

I just LOVE this about you! You do 'take it all in' and really cherish the time with your little one.

Can I just say how blessed your kids are to have a Mom like you.

And Anthony, boy, he hit a "hole in one" when he married you! (sorry....trying to connect to his golfing..) :)

We're done with having babies, but if I were a millionaire I'd want at least 5 more. ( can you just hear Brian's audible gasp! :).

These are precious years! So glad to see you 'soaking it all up'.

Sherri said...

Look at the great photos you have of her (plug here for Beas Knees). I wish I had captured all those little precious moments of my kids with the camera - pics help the memories last.

Katy said...

I love my bed too, so I can't say that I blame her. She's developing quite a little personality, isn't she? It goes so fast. Just keep taking these pictures...that will help at least! :)

Jen said...

Ahh yes, that's a milestone that's hard to deal with because of the freedom it takes with it. I guess it's worth it though! She a sweetheart!

Vonda said...

Oh yes Beth, I am constantly looking at my girls and thinking the same thing. I realize how quickly time has flown by with Ella Rose and I'm so much more aware that Carolina Grace will grow just as quickly. We want them to grow up but it's kinda sad too isn't it? I'm just trying to cherish each moment even in the midst of the chaos and I know you are too. I just wish we were there so we could cherish all this together doggone it. :)