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Monday, September 15, 2008

accountability - update #4

Monday - run 15 out of 30 min.
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - run 15 out of 30 min.
Friday - Off
Saturday - started running to see how far i could go. ran 7 tenths of a mile at 7min 30sec. then had to walk/run the rest. ran 16 out of 30 min. distance was 2 miles
Sunday - distance was 3 miles. ran 25 out of 40 min.

now, if i can just continue to get stronger i would be happier. seems like when i start out running and go for as long as i can, i'm pleased with my time b/c i've never run that long before but when i start walking/running again i can only do 2 to 3 min. intervals of running.

i took my measurements a month ago (8/12) and remeasured last night (9/14).
i've lost 1/2 inch in my waist, same in the hips, 1/4 inch chest, 1 1/4 inches in my thighs, 1/2 inch in my calves, 1/2 inch in my arms. 3 total inches overall. weight is still the same. this saturday marked 6 full weeks of consistent exercise. i'm hoping as i approach the 8 week mark i'll start to see more and more differences. i'm at least encouraged. :)

very sore today from the longer that usual workout yesterday. glad it's a rest day today! :)


Sherri said...

Good for you! Measuring inches is the way to go since adding muscle will add some pounds. You are doing great and getting more fit every day.

I'm injured yet again (seems to be the norm for me), so I'm not sure when I'll ever be able to run a 5K - sure would like to run one with you, though.

The Peoples Family said...

INCHES lost are GREAT. Good for you

I think, as soon as some things settle down-long story-I may start running and see if I can get my baby weight off. Watching what I eat doesn't seem to budge the scale.

Adam and Nat said...

Good job Beth! I'm going to look to you for my inspiration when I start thinking about losing baby weight. I just have to start with the baby first! :)

Katy said...

You are doing GREAT Beth! I tried calling earlier but didn't get you. Can't wait to talk about this - what GREAT progress! so excited to hear about Saturdays' run!

Janet said...

That's great Beth! Six weeks of consistency is awesome! I bet you have more energy throughout the day and sleep well too. More benefits of your active lifestyle. We are reading and looking to you to spur us all on in the exercise department! Maybe you can join me, at the Y, for a Sunday 3:15 muscle class. It's really good but I could hardly walk afterwards yesterday. Course I did the hour-long step class before the muscle class. Maybe that's the problem. :)

dandsratz said...

Beth, that is SUPER!!! I wish you were here, and we could run together!!! :) Although I think you'd whipped my tail!! :) Kiss the children from us!!! :)

Phil, Gretch, and Finn said...

Good Job! I, too, have never run more than a mile or so! I actually would love to love to run. You know, like the people who have to run to feel normal... :)

The Wise Family said...

Okay's my challenge to you...November is the Turkey Trot 5k here in Bedford...wanna do it? Let me know and I'll sign you up with me and Bennett!! PS you can walk some if you need to, and there is a kids race beforehand which the girls thought was so fun!!

Courtney said...

i applaud you for posting all those numbers, etc!
you SHOULD be encouraged!!!

Andy and Jen said...

I'm so proud of you! You're really doing a great job!

Vonda said...

YIPPEE! I am so proud of you Beth that you have started running! I know it's not been easy since you have never run before but girl you are doing great!!!

Mandy said...

You're doing awesome, Beth!