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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kid's night at Chick-fil-A

Here is Lindsay as a Butterfly and Harrison as Batman. You can't see the two points to his mask because they are under his bangs. BUT, if you'll notice...this is how I like his hair! :)

Look at the cute couple! We love the Megilligan family so if Harrison is ever interested in Lindsay, well we would have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with that! :)

We met the Megilligan family at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday night. It's kid's night and if you buy an adult combo then you get a free kid's meal. Anthony's out of town so it sounded like a GREAT idea. I was SO happy that Janet suggested getting together! I needed some adult time! :) The place was hoppin'! They had face painting, as you can see, and balloons. They practically gave us ALL of the balloons to take home being as they were just going to be popped. I'm not even holding the Megilligan's balloons. :) It was a fun time! The kids kept saying "this is SO fun" every time they would pass our table!

Thanks Brian, Janet, Austin, Lindsay, & Reece for hanging out with us!!! We had a blast!

Oh, I forgot to say, this was Harrison's first time having his face painted. He's never been interested before. I always say, it has to be HIS idea for ANYTHING to sound good to him. In order to get a balloon, you had to have your face painted so I guess that is what sealed the deal for him. He LOVED it. He was SO proud of it! However, on the way home, he realized he wouldn't be able to be Batman forever. He wanted to know if he could keep it on his face for school in the morning. After I broke the news, he was so upset. I convinced him not to cry in the car on the way home, as that would completely ruin his face paint, but after we got home he just moped and moped. At some point, Jackson threw a toy at him and he started bawling! Then he started bawling even more when he realized his paint was coming off! "MOM, look at it! I'll NEVER get to do this again! They'll NEVER be there again!" sob, sob, sob. Pour guy! Who knew he'd be such a fan of the face painting! :)

Hopefully, for his sake, he'll get to have his face painted again soon...


Janet said...

Hey, now we know where the 'hot spot' in town is! Ha! That was just too much fun!

We'll be drawing up the 'arranged marriage papers' this weekend and bring them by at your convenience. :)

Bridgette said...

Love your bib Beth. You must have been really diggin' in to your sweet tea.:)

Jen said...

HEY NOW - Wait a second. I thought we had a deal with you about the arranged marriage. You can't go promising him to a girl in every town! We'll just have to see which girl brings the biggest dowry! Yeah for Chick-fil-A, never quite seen a family night like that around here.

Katy said...

What fun - LOVE the pictures. Your story from this night gave me quite a laugh. I can JUST see it!!! And I'm with you - I like his hair better like that too! :) (PS - Did you see their new salad that I was talking about??)

Vonda said...

Leave it to Katy to talk about salad at've got to be kidding...we miss Chick-fil-A so much we can't wait to devour one of those salad for me at Chick-Fil-A. ;) Hee hee! Uncle Ian would love to have his face painted as Batman too. Harrison looks so cool, and his hair looks awesome too!