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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

remember the potty prayer?

do y'all remember Jackson's potty prayer?

this morning he had another rough poop day. three times before noon. he comes out from the third time and says to me,

"me don't believe God."

shocked and thinking quickly in my mind about what i should say, i ask him why? he says it again and i ask him again, "Jackson, why don't you believe God?"

he says, "me not want to go poop anymore."

at that moment i remembered his prayer. he had asked God to let him not have to go poop anymore and he REMEMBERED!

i tried my best to explain to him that God would never allow him not to go poop anymore because it was something his body needed to do. but that we need to trust God even when we ask for Him to do something for us and it doesn't turn out as we had asked. God knows what is best for us and He loves us so much.

how do you explain something like this to a three year old??? he said, "OK". and went off happily.

it was a reminder to me that these children are picking up on things. he's picking up on prayer and God being a part of his daily life. i am convicted thinking about how many times i say that in my heart. without even thinking about it, just not trusting God and questioning his answer for me. it was a great lesson for me this morning and He used this sweet little boy to speak to my heart this morning. i'm just praying i can point these precious children in the right direction, not only with my words and telling them what they "should" do, but with my life. being an example of trusting and BELIEVING my God when i get the answer i want, when i don't get the answer i want, and when i don't know His answer quite yet. thank you for speaking to me this morning Lord! and thank you for giving me the blessing of being be here when these questions are asked. to be the one they ask!


Vonda said...

Okay I'm about in tears right now because I was just cleaning up the kitchen and I was having a conversation with God about how I don't understand our latest news about Ian's next assignment but then I checked your blog and I find this. Through the eyes of a child we can see how we need to trust God completely. Beth, thank you for posting this.

Natalie said...

This is too funny...I am cracking up!!! At least he is taking it all in and God is giving you some great opportunities (even if it is about poop) to talk to him about God!

Katy said...

Why is it that kids have such an easy time believing that God cares about EVERYTHING in our lives - even poop - and we adults don't!!! What a GREAT reminder! And you're right - it's such an amazing priviledge to be home to hear those things. His little heart - God is going to use him for great things Beth! Remember that!!!

Andy and Jen said...

He is just too cute Beth!

Linda Williams said...

Yes, Yes, God IS going to use him for GREAT things! That precious little boy is just too cute!

Mimi and Papa