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Friday, September 5, 2008

a lot of jack's

we are about to leave for the "jumping" place with a neighbor and i asked jackson if he thinks little jack will have fun.

he say's, "what jack?"

i say, "taylor's brother, jack"

he says, "us got a lot of jack's"

i laughed and said, i know honey, we do know a lot of jack's. :)

he says, "a taylor's jack, a pool jack, and my friend jack at church."

he is SO CUTE!!! he's right, there are a lot of jack's out there and we know some of the BEST! :)


Katy said...

lots of jacks and lots of josiahs, right? As long as he can keep them straight! Hoping you guys had lots of jumping fun - can't wait to hear about it! :)

The Hilemans said...

he is soooo cute! I love the way he talks!

Linda Williams said...

Now, you see he is a deep thinker....already calculating how many Jacks he knows!

Mimi and Papa

PS how is my little 6 year old school boy doing? Tell him he needs to send me some of his extra special work. I know Harrison is getting so smart. Can't wait to see him!

The Wise Family said...

Okay maybe this is inappropriate but in our house, "jack" means money. Bennett often says "he has a lot of jack" or "they have a lot of jack." Don't ask me where that comes from, but it was really funny when I first read this I was like, Jackson says that too??? I had to read it again before I got it!

Janet said...

I bet you could keep a whole journal of adorable things your Jackson has said and will say. I LOVE how a little boy's mind works at that age.

Jen said...

This cracks me up - he is such a hoot!

Vonda said...

Oh I can just see those wheels turning for Jackson...what a doll! I want to give him a big hug! I can't believe it's been a year since we've seen y'all. We're counting down the days til we are back in The States for good!