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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first tummy sleep

as she was stirring i ran and grabbed the camera but she was asleep like this.

after i fed her yesterday morning, i put her in the bassinet by my bed and we both feel back to sleep. when i woke up, she was asleep on her tummy sucking away on those fingers she loves so much. she had rolled over onto her tummy and drifted off to sleep. it was a FIRST so i had to get a picture! :)


Tanya said...

So cute!!! I put Lucas on his tummy to sleep at about 1 month and it made a huge difference- he slept like a champ from then on!! Im all about the belly sleeping. =) Maybe she'll sleep a bit longer now.
She sure is precious! I think we enjoy our 3rd babies so much b/c we are more relaxed and just chilled about everything (and so busy w/ the others)... and for us knowing it was our last one we really milked the baby stage. I miss it already and Lucas is 15 months. =( James keeps telling me to just keep working in the nursery 2 get my baby fix. Haha

The Peoples Family said...

Isn't it sweet having a baby girl. I adore my boys but having a little girl to dress up is so fun and something different then dressing the boys (I have 3). My little girl is so attached to Mommy as well.

Gabby has even asked once this weekend to go potty and she went. WOOOHOOOO. This is one excited Mommy.

Thanks for all your help on the blog.
Vonda's right you are a DOLL. She has always talked so highly of you.

Janet said...

She has just got to be the sweetest baby! Gotta love little girls and also love having the third ones be so easy-going.

Jen said...

Nothin like a good tummy sleep!