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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

boys vs. girls - my latest observation

i'm always comparing Addison to the boys. i can't help myself. she's a girl and they are boys and i've never had a girl and there ARE differences! one of those is her communication style. the boys made noises. a lot of noises. but noises, just to makes sounds mostly.

Addison TALKS. i'm guessing this is a girl thing. at least in my experience. she doesn't make noise just to make a sound. no real ahhhs, or uhhhs, etc... she is really trying to say something. to tell us what she's thinking. to be heard and tell her story. she does it ALL day long and does it specifically to get your attention. she wants to make sure you know she is there. she's hilarious and i can't get enough of her talking so here is another video! :) she's figured out a new sound too, sort of a gurgling sound, see if you can pick it out! :) my nanny is holding her in the video.


Vonda said...

Oh I just love this video! Addison is so sweet! She doesn't want to miss out on can tell...and yes I believe she's gonna take after her Mimi. But hey Harrison is quite the little talker too so she knows she has to keep up with her brothers too.

Heather said...

I only had one that little, but Cailey was a BIG 'talker' when she was a baby too! She would talk EVERYWHERE and for so long:), mall, etc. Then she learned to get attention by coughing around 6 was hilarious! It's so nice to be able to live vicariously through you with this little one:)!

Jen said...

I think she must have a little of her Mimi in her!!! Beth - they don't ever stop talking either! Just tonight I had to ask Erin to please stop talking in the car, I had just had enough! Enjoy!

Stephens Family News said...

I love it!! :o)

Being a Speech Therapist, I really get into this stuff! :o) I definitely agree that this little girl is communicating. So sweet, and her eyes shows so much expression! It makes me wonder what kinds of things she'll say when her words catch up to her thoughts!

By the way, you're doing a great job of engaging her and talking to her. I think this makes a BIG difference in speech and language development. very cute. Thanks for sharing! :o)

Tanya said...

Absolutely precious!! It's definitely a girl think to talk alot!! =) I finally got a little break w/ my little man.
Keep enjoying her~ she's a little treasure!

sarah said...

So sweet Beth! Well, now you know what my house is like with FOUR girls!! :) Mikayla is a talker as well, she just gets louder and louder, I love their sweet little voices.

Sherri said...

Beth, she is just So precious! Glad you are capturing all these wonderful memories. Yep, girls come out of the womb chatting away. She sounds like she might be like our little Sarah who talked in a melodious way and now sings as much as she just talks. And you know with you and Anthony as parents, she's going to have an amazing singing voice.

The Peoples Family said...


We were just talking about how different our little girl is compared to the 3 boys. She is 20 months and talks up a storm. She is always singing and dancing and talking. At her last Dr apptmnt they told me she should be saying about 3 words clearly. They were all amazed and oooohhhing and aaaaahhing all over her because she was counting to 3 and talking in sentences to them. They couldn't believe it.
You haven't experienced the high pitched little girl death scream yet but I swear my windows are going to shatter one of these days.

Girls are a sweet little addition . They sure change our lives and rock our worlds. Boys are precious too-in their own way. I know what you mean by the amazement of how different it is with a girl-after 3 boys you can't help but to be amazed. If Vonda has a boy next she will be amazed at how different a boy is. I remember when our 2 oldest boys were little and we would go out to eat with friends that had all girls and they would ALWAYS comment on how quiet our boys were. To us they weren't quiet but in comparison to the constant chatter of their little girls it probably felt extremely quiet to them.

Janet said...

That is SO sweet! It is true that they never stop. I swear Lindsey has been getting up earlier, than the boys, just so she can fit in 500 extra words with me before the day really starts. :)

Katy said...

Keep trying to say "Katy" Addison! I think it's hilarious about everyone saying she's going to take after Mimi. Watch out world!!! :) Callie will be thrilled for Addison to be able to talk to her!

Linda Williams said...

Well, to all those who talks about Mimi talking a lot.....My brother still says that when I came home from the hospital I said "Yakity-Yak, don't talk back". He is 4 years older than me and that was a popular hit in "our day". I am sure, though, that if I had known HOW to say that, I WOULD have !

Beth's Mildew

Linda Williams said...

I came to the library to hear my 2 newest girls talk. How precious! I just cannot wait to talk to her!

Mimi and Papa