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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

play day with the penner's

We had the privilege of watching 3 of the Penner children on Monday. My dear friend Megan had her baby girl, Bella Joy, on September 2. There were a few complications with Bella's breathing and she suffered a collapsed lung. She was in the NICU for the week. It was a very scary time for them and for us as we prayed for sweet Bella. God has healed her and she is doing well now and was able to go home on Tuesday!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Monday, Kostja needed to get a few things done and get things ready for Megan and Bella to come home so I offered to watch Josiah, Mila, and Camden. It was a FUN day and the kids played so well together. I told Megan, Camden is the BEST little guy I have ever watched in my life. My mom and Nanny were amazed at him as well! He is SO GOOD!!! My boys were too mischievous, a lot of fun, but a lot to keep up with too. Camden is so well behaved and happy too! He doesn't have a mischievous bone in his body! :) Jackson enjoyed his friends being over and just had a ball! It was a GREAT day!


Vonda said...

I know y'all must have had a ball with the Penner children. They are adorable! Wow 6 kids in your house...that's a full house for sure! Was Mila kinda outnumbered or what?

Bridgette said...

So fun to see Megan's kids! They are so big! Does she homeschool? I love when non-michievious kids come over...I'm always hoping they'll rub off on mine!:)

Katy said...

I'm so glad the kids had fun together. I know Megan and Kostja appreciated the help. What a blessing that Bella Joy is doing so much better now! PTL!

Linda Williams said...

I know Jackson enjoyed all the playmates when the Penner's came for a fun visit. I know Megan appreciated your help! What a wonderful blessing to be living near a college friend and be able to help each other!

Mom Williams

Erin said...

Thank you so much, Beth, for being there! I feel so very far away, and wished I could have been there. What a blessing to know the children were so well taken care of by such a dear friend. They look like they had a blast - and like Vonda said, Wow - 6 kids! That's a full house!