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Monday, April 7, 2008

Cupcakes at school...

Harrison was able to celebrate his birthday at school this year! It was his actual "birthday" so that was fun. We took juice and cupcakes and had a great time. Jackson especially enjoyed sitting with the "big" kids and pretending it was his school! He's quite the ham and had the whole class laughing hysterically by the end of our time with Harrison's class. It was such a fun time and Harrison was so excited to celebrate with his classmates!

The Birthday Boy
Letting his brother try on his special crown for the day!

yum, yum!!!

Jackson just likes to eat the icing...sounds like a good plan!

Mimi & Papa had flown in to celebrate with us over the weekend and spend Easter with us so it was great for them to be there and get to meet everyone!

Harrison stood on his chair while they sang Happy Birthday. He didn't hardly look up once, I think he was a little embarrassed but not enough to keep them from singing to him!

We also sang to Carlos who's birthday would be Friday, but being as that was Good Friday and they would be out of school the class sang to him early.

Harrison & Carlos...the two birthday boys!

Harrison with his teacher and teacher's assistant, Mrs. Lee & Mrs. P....we just LOVE these ladies!


Katy said...

I'm so glad to finally see his teacher!! I feel like I know her! His party and class looks like so much fun...and I love that Mrs. Williams was there with camcorder in hand...of course!!!! Oh and I love the picture of Harrison letting Jackson wear his crown - he's beaming!!! So cute!

Vonda said...

Yeah glad Harrison even wanted you to bring cupcakes. Anthony insisted in Kindergarten that Mom NOT bring cupcakes for his class. He too was a bit shy over the whole ordeal and you can just forget about the crown...Anthony would never have gone for that either. Yeah Harrison! I can't believe he is 6 years old! And I love the pix of Harrison letting Jackson wear the crown too. I know Jackson must have so enjoyed being there with his big brother.

Stephens Family News said...

Hi Beth! Your boys are so cute! I'm so glad that Harrison's school allows Moms to bring cupcakes. Some schools won't let you do that anymore. Glad he had such a great birthday! 6 years this point, I can't even imagine Noelle with hair! ;o) Hope to see you at PBC soon.

Jen said...

How exciting to get to have cupcakes at school. I know that is a big treat! Is his teacher pregnant also?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Harrison and Jackson had a blast celebrating with Harrison's class...It looks like Harrison is getting taller!
Love, Mom

Linda Williams said...

What wonderful memories we are making with our little man! Can you believe that he is this old!! And what a little Chatterbox he has become!

And yes, he was a little shy but I believe his Daddy was even more shy at the same age. Someone who knows Anthony now would never believe that, would they!

Mimi and Papa