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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy one week birthday Nemo Jr.

our first pet

getting everything ready for our fish's new home

settled in...for the first few days little Nemo Jr. just starred at himself. i was worried he wouldn't make it but he's perked up for now!!! :)
one week later...Happy Birthday Nemo Jr.
i guess we've joined the world of fish. harrison's been asking for a fish for a few weeks. he really wanted a clown Nemo...but those require salt water tanks and we weren't willing to commit that much! so, we told him when he was ready to get a fresh water fish then we would go and get one. he refused to budge for a couple of weeks. on his trip to see Mimi & Papa they went to the pet store and Mimi convinced him to get some goldfish. they came home with four and they were all dead within four hours! harrison blamed Papa for over feeding them. they headed back to the store the next day and got two replacements. one died the next day but the other held on for the rest of his trip down there and just recently passed away this week. :)
so, when harrison got home from FL he was ready to get a fresh water fish. anthony mentioned that they may stop at the pet store after t-ball practice last tuesday night and i asked that he come home with a Beta fish...heard good things about them...and a bowl. i like the way they look and didn't want a tank. well, the sales person tried his best to talk harrison in the Beta but he would hear nothing of it. they ended up coming home with a goldfish and a tank. nothing of which i sent them to get! the tank is 1 gallon and it's grown on me. it's on the kitchen counter but i had really envisioned a bowl. next time i'll tag along! :)
jackson was hilarious the night the fish came home. he had heard all the talk of the fish dying in FL so he kept coming around the corner while anthony was setting things up and asking "fish die yet?" he's so funny. i started to get him ready for bed and he said "no, no, wanna see fish die." hilarious!
so far, Nemo Jr. is doing well and has made it to his one week birthday! i've been surprised how much i actually enjoy watching him swim around. harrison has been informed that if/when he dies we'll try a Beta fish. :) however, i keep hearing stories of people who've had a goldfish for a couple of years. maybe that will us??? who knows!!! :)


The Hilemans said...

Happy birthday Nemo Jr! You know, for all the hype around here about the T.T. being the kids' fish, I seem to be the one who most enjoys seeing him swim around. I guess it's the mom in me that knocks on his bowl every time I walk by just to be sure he's still doing ok. I kind of like having him. :)

Vonda said...

Yeah for goldfish!!! So glad Harrison and Jackson have their very own pet now. And I hope Nemo Jr. makes it. The story about Mimi and Papa buying the fish in FL is hilarious! I'm sure he'll never forget those memories!

Jen said...

Good Luck - Hope Nemo is around for a long time!

Katy said...

It's just like you were here with all of us getting your fish from the party...except you wouldn't have ended up with a tank!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I never had much luck with fish...ironically Brad just bought a giant (be thankful for your 1 gal tank!) for Corben and put it in his rather small bedroom. No fish yet but it already has water and a ship and bubbles...geez!

Anyways, congrats on keeping the fishy alive - at least they're inexpensive and usually all look might be able to hold off explaining the flushy funeral for awhile.

Natalie said...

Fun! Glad to hear you have joined those of us who have (or had!) pet fish!!!

Bridgette said...

so cute beth! I love that story!:) We had a goldfish growing up that I swear was at least 12 years old...i'm not kidding! Hope Nemo JR. makes it just as long.:)

Adam and Nat said...

Ha ha ha. I laughed so hard at #1. Harrison blaming his Papa of overfeeding it and #2. "Wanna see fish die" and "fish die yet?"
Bridge is right. I was going to say the same thing. The poor old guy developed cataracts and kept running into the side of the tank.

Linda Williams said...

Now, what I want to know is this: Did Bridgette and Natalie call in a "fish doctor"? He must have been specialized to recognize cataracts on the poor soul! Here are people in the world that really takes care of their pet and then there is Mimi and Papa......We did not mean to starve the little thing to death....I thought I left enough food in the the bowl for him to ration his food out over 2 days....Oh well!

Love, Mimi and Papa

PS However Papa feels like what might have killed the first four was camera shock after so many photos. Ha.