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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is here!!!

We had three trees installed last year, Yoshino Flowering Cherry's, MY FAVORITE!!! We bought them after the bloom season so I was so anxious to see them this year! They were beautiful! I LOVE planting things and I particularly LOVE those things I plant to bloom. So, my Daylilies, Hydrangea, Azaleas, Roses & Spirea are all coming up and I can't hardly wait to see all the blooms!!! I have so many more plans but I usually don't do ANY yard work during the year of a pregnancy and we have been in a drought! I hope to do a lot more planting this fall and have even more exciting blooms to look forward to NEXT spring!!! yeah!!! :)


Linda Williams said...

Oh how beautiful! Dad and I just love your choice of trees. They look beautiful......But I REALLY don't understand why you are not out there digging and planting every day now......It's good weather.....You have nothing to do....Ha!

Mom and Dad Williams

Vonda said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh girl I am ready to dig in the dirt too. Spring brings that out in me although our Spring has not arrived here in Germany...just as well I guess since I can't get out there either. Can't wait to see your blooming roses too.

dandsratz said...

BETH!! Oh my goodness-what GORGEOUS spring pictures!!! I didn't know we had that in common--I LOVE to plant things and watch them come up!!! You and I are doing a great job of planting babies this spring, aren't we!? he he!! :)

Jen said...

They're beautiful - this Spring is even more exciting with Addison getting ready to bloom!

Natalie said...

How beautiful!!!!