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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A visit with the Schrodt Family!

Hiking in the woods! These boys LOVE going on hikes in our woods. Who knew it would be such a great place for the boys to go on adventures??? They hiked so far the second day that I went and picked them up in the car. Jacob and Jackson just kept going with the big boys, never letting on they might be tired! :)

Good buddies!

David so graciously spent three of his days off for Spring Break helping Anthony paint the house. He's a GREAT painter and we so appreciated his help! It was a great project to get out of the way before the baby comes. They painted the Kitchen, Living Room, Foyer, Halls, up the Stairs, and the hall up stairs. You probably don't want to know the dangerous ladder on the stairs plan they came up with. They spotted each other and no one was hurt so that was good! You'd be surprised to know that it was uneventful having the boys paint in a house with five children. The kids enjoyed each other so much they were hardly interested in what their daddies were up to and that it might be fun to get involved in a big mess. Thank the Lord! :) Anthony helped David move into two homes and VA and so David insisted on returning the favor. We still think it was awful generous of him to spend his vacation and drive three hours to help out! David and Katy are such special friends and find ways to bless us often! God is SO good to give us good friends!!!

More Easter egg hunting fun. Gotta use up what we've got!!! :)

I let Harrison ditch school on Tuesday to play with his company. I know, don't lecture me. Some things are more important! :) We spent one morning at Blue Jay park, which I LOVE, and went on some hikes together on the trails. The boys had so much fun and were thoroughly fascinated with the trails that said "foot traffic only". They said "we can go on these, we have feet". So cute! The next morning we spent at Lake Lynn feeding the ducks. We had some great times together!

Miss Callie!!! Such a sweet girl!!!

Callie snuggled right up to Anthony as they were getting ready to leave. She had been dealing with a bad cold...she and I both...and it was hard sometimes for her to feel up to having a good time. She found a comfy place in his lap and was just so cute!

Harrison played so hard while his friends were visiting. After they left, Anthony was putting Jackson to bed and Harrison colored a picture. After he was finished he sat down in his rocking chair, covered up, and went to sleep. I think this proves he was worn out from all that playing he did!!!

Thank you guys so much for coming to visit! We just love you to pieces and love having you all to ourselves! So glad David could make it this time and we can't wait to see you again!


Heather said...

So...when can I follow you to Blue Jay park:)

Katy said...

I love your park pictures - I didn't have any of those! We had a fabulous time - as always - and can't wait to do it again....I love the picture of Harrison in the chair - I know we wore him out!!! :)

Linda Williams said...

What a wonderful gift to have such great friends. And even friends who will WORK with you. I always thought I had good friends.....but come to think about NOT ONE of them have offered to come paint for me! Ha.
Mimi and Papa

PS But maybe it has been because Dad was not planning on even helping......Maybe that is why he loves WHITE WALLS!

Vonda said...

Oh y'all have such dear friends, Beth and what a blessing that Dave and Katy were able to come down to help y'all paint. The kids looked like they had a blast together. I know Harrison and Jackson must miss Josiah and Jacob so much! Soon Callie will have her own little playmate with Addison when y'all see each other.