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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Harrison leaves for Florida!!!

For the past three years, Harrison has been able to take a trip to FL to see his Mimi & Papa for his birthday. It's always a big deal and SO MUCH FUN!!! In the past he has only stayed about three days but this time he got to stay for 6 days and he was so excited. Mimi sent him home with a CD of pictures of all the fun they had so I'll be posting those soon. Doesn't he look so big!!! Jackson can't wait for his turn to leave on the 20th, after his birthday. He will only be there three days but I'm sure that will be enough "action" for Mimi & Papa to deal with! Plus, he's too little to stay any longer. I'm funny about that stuff!!! :)


Katy said...

He does look SO cute with his suitcases and all in his airport clothes!!! He's quite the traveller!

Linda Williams said...

I think probably that Mimi and Papa had a better time than he did!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Love the pix of Harrison with Mimi and Papa! And his little passport opened up...what a little traveler. But I know of all the great places in this world he has been in his young life, Mimi's and Papa's is one of his favorite places to visit. But hey they're so much fun and are so good about making you feel so special from ice cream to fixing favorite food to visits feeding the Buffalo...ya know I want to go to The Villages too!

Andy & Jen said...

What lucky little guys! I would LOVE to spend a week in Florida with Mimi and Papa!

Jen said...

You are so blessed with grandparents that will spend time with the kids like that. What a treat. Wait till he's 16 and wants to spend the whole summer in FL!