Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


had an OB appointment today and all is well. took the boys with me so they could hear Addison's heartbeat and Anthony was able to meet us too. so fun! feeling closer and closer. made my next appointment for three weeks from today. i'll be 36 weeks!!!! ahhh!!! :) finally feels like i'm getting to the end!


Heather said...

I bet the boys were so excited! How awesome:)

Linda Williams said...

Oh how wonderful! What did the boys say when they heard our little Addison? I can't wait for her to join us!

Mimi and Papa

Heather J said...

You are at the end! Isn't 37 weeks considered full term? tick tock tick tock!

Vonda said...

The countdown for Baby Addison is on! We can't wait to meet our sweet little niece. It just kills me that we live so far away and our babies are gonna be over 6 months old before we see each other. Yikes!

dandsratz said...

Oh Beth--I'm feeling this one with you!! HOW COMPLETELY EXCITING!!!!!!! It won't be long now!!!