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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stage Make-up

Part of getting ready for a ballet recital is hair and make-up.  This was new to Addison and ME!  Yes, Addison LOVES lip gloss and would gladly gloss herself up regularly but we don't do the make-up thing.  Four is a little early, don't cha think?? :)

But Ms. Charlene, her Ballet teacher who is AWESOME, did a great job of explaining to the girls about stage make-up and how it's only for the STAGE! :)  Made me feel a little like a Toddler and Tiara momma and thankful I don't live in that kind of world!  

Addison really enjoyed getting ready for her recital and I was thankful we had a couple chances to practice in advance.  She knew exactly what to expect.   Mimi took lots of pictures to document the experience.

We had to use gel to get the "slick-back" look going on! :)

her little pig tails were precious!

 all ready to go!

 my little ballerina ready for her big night!

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Katy said...

i'd probably have to spend a fortune going to buy all that stuff...and would have to send her to your house for you to put it on...i'm not good with that!