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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Livingston's Arrive!!

We have been SO excited that Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, Ella Rose, Carolina Grace, & Scarlett Rae are moving to North Carolina!!! Yesterday was THE DAY we've been waiting for! They will be living about 40 minutes from us in Apex, NC. We wish it was a bit closer but we will take it! We look forward to lots of fun times and memories made with their sweet family! 

Harrison & Addison ran out to meet Mimi & Papa and the girls!  Jackson had fallen asleep on the couch.  The waiting ALL DAY LONG was so exhausting I guess. :)
 Poor Ella Rose, as soon as she arrived she got emotional.  The reality that she was never going to live in FL again had hit and she was sad for about 2 minutes...then she snapped right out of it.
 Carolina Grace, Addison, & Ella Rose
 Harrison is VERY loved by the girls.  He loves all the attention too!

When Vonda arrived she and I took off to the Home Depot to get the paint and supplies we needed to tackle their Master Bedroom.  Painting was in our futrue!!  We ate a yummy spaghetti dinner and then the kids enjoyed some ice cream sundaes before we headed over to the new house.

The master bedroom at their new house was a very dark chocolate brown and didn't go with what Vonda has planned for their bedroom.  We picked out a very nice light gray and got too work!  Anthony did most of the rolling...Vonda, Ian, and Harrison helped where they could.  I did all the cutting in and work around the trim.  We made a very good team!

Isn't that going to be pretty with her new bedding!!! :)


Heather said...

You had the hardest job, Beth!! That's always my job too:) Glad they are here safely.

Katy said...

bringing back such fun memories of painting a few of our houses :)