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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Annual Stoneridge Neighborhood Pool Party

 sponge races

 frozen t-shirt game

 she's getting braver!

We always enjoy our neighborhood parties, and the pool party is especially fun!  This year Mimi and Papa were able to join us!  Who doesn't enjoy food, friends, swimming, and games?!?! :)  Two of our favorite games are the donut eating contest and the frozen t-shirt game.  The boys really get into the competition too!  It's fun to see kids trying to eat a donut dangling from a string while not being able to use their hands!  Makes for a sticky, FUN, mess!  It's also hilarious to see groups of kids trying to get a frozen t-shirt thawed out so that someone can put it on to be the winner.  It's a challenging gamea and brings lots of laughs! 

So thankful for great friends and neighbors!  We really do enjoy hanging out at the pool all summer together.  Makes for lots of fun memories that I know our kids will cherish as they get older.

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