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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lola's 1st Birthday

Last week Taylor brought over a birthday invitation she had made for Princess.  Lola, Taylor's dog was going to be turning ONE!  So Taylor organized and planned a party for her.  It was adorable and Kristine did a great job making yummy treats for the people AND the puppies!  Princess loved all the yummy birthday food.  Let's just say the bar has been set high!!!  My kids are expecting an extravagant birthday party for Princess in October.  LOL!!!  Thanks a lot Kristine! :)  It really was cute and we all had a great time!   
Taylor had the cutest little post-it's to greet her guests

 the birthday girl
 Princess wore her party skirt!
 Kristine made cupcakes for the doggies!  They are the ones on the paper plate in front.  They had honey and peanut butter!  so cute!
 Rosie enjoying a doggie cookie treat
 Party Hat!!!
 Callan and Taylor
 Jack & Harrison
 Shaun & Addison
 singing Happy Birthday

 Lola ate her cupcake in ONE bite!
 cupcake time!
 yum, yum!
 Raj & Holly
 I enjoyed a nice yummy 'people' cupcake!
 Jackson & Danny
 icing lips

 the proud parents of Lola, Kristine & Mike

 Radha & Buster
 me & my man
 Addison showing off her present to Lola, some doggie treats! :)
time to go home!  Princess was worn out tonight too, she was asleep on the floor in no time!
Happy Birthday Lola!  You are a good doggie and a good doggie friend to Princess!


Judy said...

Okay. that is hilarious! and so cute!

Katy said...

That is too funny!!! You have definitely crossed over once you are going to doggie birthday parties!!!