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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach Day 2012

Today was our annual day trip to the beach! What a fun day! Laura, Rachel and I planned to head to the beach a few weeks ago. We all were super busy this weekend so we really didn't take the time to bother checking with the weather. As I was driving to Rachel's this morning and the rain was starting to get more steady I began to wonder of we were going to be driving for 2 hours just to have a car full of disappointed kids! 
We decided to press on and knew the aquarium was always available to us should we need it. We stopped at a Chickfila about 15 minutes from Kure Beach and ate lunch. As the rain came pouring down we started checking and rechecking the weather on our phones and preparing mentally for an aquarium visit rather than a beach day. 
We finished up lunch, drove the 15 minutes to Fort Fisher and as we pulled in to the parking lot it was clear the rain seemed to be finishing up. We decided to brave the weather, set up our beach chairs and hope for the best! God was so good to us and so good to our kids! It never rained again while we were at the beach. The sun even came out after a while! Kids were thrilled to get their beach day! It wasn't as relaxing as we had hoped, the surf was strong and we spent a lot of time making sure our children were not swept out to sea, but it was a FUN day! And another reminder that God had been good to us! He was and is good either way.  We would have had fun at the aquarium too, but I choose to see no rain when there should be rain GOOD! What a sweet reminder to our kids that He cares for them. 
Would you believe it poured almost the entire drive home?! It was hard to believe we had been sitting on the beach just a short time before. :)

A stop at the Famous Britt's Donuts was the perfect ending to our day! 
Love these kids and love their momma's too! 

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