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Saturday, June 2, 2012

after the ballet recital

After the Ballet recital we spent some time taking a few pictures.  Most of the family photos are on my phone so they aren't great quality.  Oh well.  We had promised Addison some ice cream after her performance and in most of the after pix, it's clear from Jackson's face he is READY.TO.GO.  He was done.  The kids really were exhausted because they had spent the afternoon at the pool party, then a birthday party, and then the recital.  It had been a LONG day!

 time to celebrate!
 poor Jackson was losing it at this point!
 Harrison was trying to hold it together but he was kind of over everything as well! :)

 coming around :)
 Addison never struggled.  She was happy as could be and what a joy she was!  She was excited too because she knew she was leaving for her trip in the morning!
posing with her flowers before bed!

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Katy said...

is it horrible that i keep totally laughing out loud when i see the pictures of harrison and jackson totally over it? cracks me up!!!