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Friday, June 8, 2012

time to get Addison...and then eat cake!

Friday morning Anthony left for some business meetings and the boys and I took off to Janet's house. I was going to get my hair done while they played with Grant & Emma.  After lunch, Savannah and I took off for the airport to meet Mimi, Papa, & Addison!  WE WERE EXCITED!!!  

 Addison was so funny!  She seemed shy to see us.  It didn't last long and I grabbed her and hugged her as quickly as I could!  I have missed that little girl SO much!
 saying goodbye to Mimi
 so good to hug my little girl again!

 these two little girls have a special bond!  they love each other SO much and it didn't take them long to start talking up a storm.  they had so much they needed to discuss and giggle over and I enjoyed every minute of listening to their conversation!  I hope they will always be so close!

Once we got back to the house and Addison was able to catch up with everyone, we had some birthday cake!  Nanny had made one of her famously delicious cakes for Jackson and Addison to celebrate their birthday's.  They were SO excited to eat cake! :)

 so good to have my three babies back together again!
 Nanny made a half blue and half pink cake!

she seemed very happy to be with us again too! :)

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Katy said...

So cute that she was all acting shy at the airport! I'm sure you were a little embarrassing to her... :)