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Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Team practices have begun...

Swim team practices started this week.  For the last few years we've done swim team thru the YMCA for Harrison.  This year, with Jackson joining the team, it was just too expensive to consider.  We decided to go with the Raleigh Parks and Rec Swim Team and so far the kids are enjoying it.  We practice at the Millbrook Pool 3x a week with 4 Swim Meets for the Season and a Championship Meet in August.  We are the Millbrook Marlins! As we were leaving the first practice the boys were so excited to tell me how much they loved it!  They really DO love swimming and it's so good for them!

Our friends the Barbours and Klicks are on the team as well as a couple kids from the boys school and our neighborhood as well. 

 She's my buddy and helps me cheer for the boys!

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Linda Williams said...

I am so glad that the boys are involved in a swim team. They both are so good and it will be so good for them. Hope we will be able to see them in one of their meets this year!

Mimi and Papa