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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Addison's First Dance Recital

 Addison had her first Ballet recital last night!
 She was the cutest "Pig in a blanket" we had ever seen!
 little girls are so much fun!
 she started to get nervous as we were walking her in to be dropped off...
 The recital started at 7:30pm but drop off was an hour & a half earlier.  The teachers kept assuring us this was strategic.  It gives the girls time to settle down.  I was nervous becasue when I dropped her off she held on with the death grip and screamed and cried her little eyes out!  My heart broke and I started preparing myself for her to be the little girl who would stand in the middle of the stage staring and not moving or balling her eyes out!  Poor litttle thing!  She never adjusted during class observations and would cry and get embarrassed so we had set our expectations pretty low for this performance. We just wanted her to have this experience! 
 Waiting for the show to start!  I was SUPER nervous.  We prayed for Addison and I just kept hoping she wouldn't be completely traumatized by the experience. LOL

 Here she is!  Our dancing girl! She did an AMAZING job!  We were so proud!  She didn't cry AND she actually danced too! :)  YAY Addison!  It was so fun watching her up on stage having such a good time with her little friends.  She looked like she had so much fun and we were so proud of her!  Jackson kept saying "she didn't cry!!!"  We were ALL proud! :)
 excited to get her flowers from all the special men in her life...Daddy, Papa, Harrison, & Jackson.
 We also gave her a Trophy.  Ms. Kristine was so nice to tell us how to go about that and ordered Addison's when she ordered Taylor's.

 It was SO nice to have Mimi and Papa there to celebrate her special night!
 kisses from Daddy

We are so proud of you Addison!  You did such a great job and you looked so beautiful too!  We love you SO much!

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Katy said...

such great pictures of sweet addison! She looks so thrilled to death with her flowers and her trophy - and i LOVE the new pic of you and Anthony!!