Reflections of a Mom's Life

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Addison's 1st Trip with Mimi and Papa AND a decision to blog again!

Addison is on her FIRST birthday trip with Mimi and Papa!  She has been SO excited about this trip.  It's taken me four years to be willing to give her up for a few days but I know she is going to have a blast! Thankful for Mimi and Papa and their love of their grandbabies.  I know she is in good hands. 

I'm going to use some of this time while she is away to catch up on blogging!  GASP!!!

I know, it's been like two years.  After spending the weekend down at Katy's and seeing her stacks and stacks of blog books it confirmed I needed to get over the fact that it's terribly overwhelming to try and pick it up again when I know there are two, TWO, years of memories I want to get documented for my kids!  and for me!  But, I've got to start somewhere.  I won't get it all in, I'm sure but I'll just start working slowly to get this thing updated and back on track.  I know I'll regret it forever if I don't. I go!!!! 


Heather said...

yay!! been trying to get you to do this forever:)! glad you are back!

sandi said...

welcome back! harrison still looks the same but i would not have recognized jackson! i am sure i knew this at one point but i must have forgotten that addison and morgan share a middle name.

Katy said...

Hooray!!! You're back!!! I knew you would!!! :)