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Sunday, April 26, 2009

our first girls trip

Addison and I took our first GIRLS ONLY trip together a few weeks ago to San Antonio, TX. We went to visit Vonda, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace (and Ian too but we were really going out there to visit with the girls). :)

Here are a few pix of our flight out. She did great. It was a long flight and she's not much for being held. She would rather get down, crawl around, and do her own thing. We managed though and I have very fond memories of traveling with my little girl. I hope we'll have many more little trips just the two of us! The boys will have their camping, sports trips or golf weekends and Addison and I will have shopping and spa getaways! Can you tell I'm planning ahead???

isn't she sweet???

"can you believe that i get to play in my own seat! Mommy says she loves empty planes!"

"this is fun mommy!"

"i'm loving all this attention Mom! i don't have to compete with my brothers!"

me and my girl!


Sherri said...

Oh my! What adorable pics. Gotta love that girl!

Jen said...

She is so cute!

Sheila said...

What a precious sight!!!!!!!! She is going to LOVE her Mommy and Me Trips!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

look at that cheeseball Addison - posing on the airplane! She's officially a Williams - posing on airplanes is second nature for your kids, right?

Janet said...

I'm sure there will be MANY more 'girl-time' trips in the future! How fun!!!

Vonda said...

Oh I just love it that you got pictures on the plane! Addison is such a little doll and hamming it up too...the pictures crack me up...she certainly knows what to do when she sees a camera...she is defninitely a WILLIAMS girl for sure. ;)

Linda Williams said...

Is the not a doll! Yes, she is a Williams....she likes to fly! She wants to see the world!

Mimi and Papa