Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my little J is coming home

Jackson has been in Flor-dee-ya and is coming home tomorrow morning. i can't wait to see him. it's been a nice break but i've really missed him today. i want my boy to come home!

Two cute things he said today...

Mimi: "do you want ketchup?" (he loves ketchup by the way...could eat it with a spoon)
Jackson: "no, me not like ketchup"
Mimi: "i thought you loved ketchup"
Jackson: Heh-son (Harrison) not like ketchup and me not like anything Heh-son not like."


and then on the phone tonight before bed...

me: "i love you Jackson"
Jackson: "me love you most"
me: "no, i love you the most"
Jackson: "no, me love you ALL DAY LONG"

talk about melting my heart!!! i love that little Jackson of mine so much and i can't WAIT to see him tomorrow!!!


Vonda said...

How precious is that!!! Jackson has got one awesome personality! Just talking on the phone with him he is so full of life and energy. We can't wait to see the boys in Hilton Head in August...are we gonna have fun or what!

Karen said...

Enjoy the homecoming! How sweet!

Linda Williams said...

It's always good for kids to go away but Mommy's are always ready for them to come home. It's just a "Mommy thing".Papa and I have enjoyed "Listening" to the boys and what they say. It is so entertaining. It is that thing that while we were raising our own kids we were so busy that sometime we did not "hear" what they said. Oh yes, we would answer but we really did not "hear". That is one of the many joys of being a Grandparent. If you don't believe me, ask ANY Grandmother!