Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a new day

a better morning.
so thankful for a new day to start over.
some prayer with Harrison before school.
thankful for his tender heart.
thankful for a NEW DAY!


Courtney said...

praying for you...i know that feeling in your heart...and so does He!

Linda Williams said...

Sometimes Moms need to hear some good stuff so here goes......

a couple of weeks ago when Papa and I took the boys to see their Great Grandmother in SC we had such a wonderful time really listening to what they had to say.

On the way down there after we had eaten breakfast at IHOP Jackson said, "________ said I'm starving!" I said, "Jackson, who said?" He said "My body says I'm starving!"

On the way down to SC we had seen a very big smoke in the distance and we talked about what it might be burning. Out of the blue Jackson said, "Please Lord....don't let our house burn down."

We then started to talk about trusting Jesus and he said, "Me love Jesus. Me wanta go to Heaven. Barbus gonna take me in a space ship."

I am not sure what we were talking about but it was something in the past and Harrison said, "I remember it like it was yesterday!"

Harrison was really intrigued by his Great Grandmother's age (85) and he was trying to get it to be something he could really relate to so he said, "So....Mimi...You and Papa are in the middle, right."
In his little way of saying it...he thought we were middle age. First, Mama Lou, then Papa, then Daddy....but he forgot that he entered into that equation too.

When we were coming back from SC the smoke that we had previously seen came up and Harrison wanted us to look and see if it was still smoking...he said, "Keep your eyes peeled" (Now, that is a southern saying so he must have got that from his southern Mimi)

When we were on our way back he was trying to understand what roads we would take. He had asked his Papa how did he know how to get to SC and back and Papa explained that he had looked at a map. He said we would go the same roads back to NC except in the other direction...So, Harrison said, "Oh, I know....we are driving backwards"

These 2 little boys are so special and they are learning so much and growing up so quickly. Take heart, my dear Beth....When they are grown you will actually feel like it was not quite as bad as you feel it is now....I promise


Linda Williams said...

Oh, and another thing.....Harrison was totally taken back by Mama Lou's age and that she was in a Nursing Home. While we were coming home we started talking about a friend of ours that is 88 and He said, "Oh! She is 88? Well she oughta be in a Nursing Home!" He had equated the need for a Nursing home to be based on age rather than physical need but it was, beware if he sees a really elderly person he is gonna be telling you that they need to be in a nursing home. Ha.

Natalie said...

Beth, my heart goes out to you. Sometimes I think the loneliness comes from being the mother of our children, their rock, their safe place, their help, their everything...and no one, even dad, can really quite understand how our hearts long to protect, love, and nuture them and to be all they need and more. I certainly will pray for you and Harrison. Take heart Beth, you are not alone and you are a gentle, wonderful, Godly mom and your children could not ask for more.

Gabrielle said...

I just LOVE your blog template!!

Sheila said...

PRAISE GOD for a new day, a better day than the one before! Some days we long to see come to an end and others we wish could last forever. If all days were GREAT we may not lean on the LORD or Pray for our children like we should. The bad days keep us at the Feet of Jesus and when you get further down the journey with your children you will be able to look back and see ALL that God has brought you thru, you will have felt His presence along the way and you will enjoy seeing that all this Hard Work has paid off... and as Linda said it won't feel as bad when you look back.
Love, Mom