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Monday, April 27, 2009

a year and a half is too long...

April 7-10th Addison and I were able to visit with Vonda, Ella Rose, and Carolina Grace. What a wonderful reunion we had! It's been a year and a half since we've seen Ian, Vonda, and Ella Rose. It has been TOO LONG!!

Now that they are back in the States I begged Anthony to let me go and visit. It didn't take much begging...he knew how much it meant to me to get to squeeze those little girls. I hadn't even met Carolina Grace yet! I'm so thankful that Anthony knew how important that was to me and was willing to make it happen. He's so good to me!

Vonda and Addison meeting for the very first time!

Can you tell I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sweet girl!

look at these precious cousins! it thrilled my heart to see them all together for the first time!

Addison and I flew out on Tuesday and flew back on Friday. I wish it could have been longer! We had such a great time just playing and enjoying the girls. Ella Rose melted my heart with her love for "Aunt Bethy". Oh she was SO sweet! I loved how much she wanted to be with me and how excited she was that I was there. Talk about making my day! She made my month! :) Carolina Grace is a sweet heart and those blue eyes and gorgeous smile just melted my heart! Oh how I love those girls! I can hardly wait until August when we will see them again. Our timeshare vacation to Hilton Head, SC is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait for the boys to see their little cousins. They are going to love spending time with those precious girls!

I'm sort of glad I was able to go out there with just Addison. I'm sure if Harrison and Jackson had been with me little Ella Rose wouldn't have had all that much to do with her "Aunt Bethy". She would have just wanted to play with those boys, and who could blame her? I'm glad I got some good one on one with my precious nieces and SO glad Addison could play with them. We both had a ball! I also loved catching up with Vonda and spending some precious time together talking about everything under the sun. Vonda is not just like a sister, she IS my sister and I'm so glad that God has allowed us to be family! I love her dearly. She is always such an encouragement to me!

Here are more pictures that I know you probably care to see but I just couldn't narrow it down! Try to enjoy them just for me! :)

the house they are renting has a park directly across the street. the girls all love to swing!

Ella Rose swinging with "Aunt Bethy". She was such a good sport letting the little girls sit in the swings while she sat in my lap. Of course I loved every minute of it! :)

the next morning we went on a walk/run first after my half marathon and knee injury so it was GREAT to get out there again. they have a double and single jogger so we were able to take all the girls and it was so much fun!

bath time was fun for the girls!

Addison showing off her flexibility. :)

just hanging out in the girls room before bed!

Ella Rose LOVES people and she loved on Addison. Addison felt right at home as she is very much used to lots of love and attention from her brothers! :) at one point Ella Rose was pulling Addison around the living room floor by her arms. HILARIOUS!!! I stopped it of course but it was quite funny. Seriously, Addison is SO tough! She has to be with those brothers!

a quick photo shoot before we head to the mall

going down hill....

OK, they're completely DONE!

doesn't she have the cutest personality! you can totally tell in this picture. she is a doll and i just love her to death!

look at this sweet girl! she always has the most beautiful smile on her face and is the most contented baby! i could just eat her up!

look at those blue eyes!

i just love this little girl!

playing outside

the girls are taking off...

love, love, LOVE this girl!

hanging out in the airport before our flight back to Raleigh...

we miss you Ian, Vonda, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace! please come visit us in Raleigh soon...

counting down the days to Hilton Head 09! :)


KB said...

I love it!! what a special time for you and Vonda. I miss her- she always had such a special heart and attitude! I will have to dig up the picture of her at our wedding and put it on FB!

Janet said...

What a special trip! Looks like such a great reunion and time for 'just the girls'. So glad you had the chance to go!

Katy said...

i LOVe the pictures - i've been trying to be patient! i can't believe how much hair carolina grace has - what a cutie!! great pictures that really captured personalities...and the pic of addison doing her headstand pose - that's hilarious! maybe she'll be a circus performer!

Vonda said...

Beth, you are absolutely right...a year and a half is way too long. We had such a great time with you and Addison and we've missed you every day since you left. Thank you so much for coming and making the sacrifice and give my awesome brother a big hug from me too that he was willing for y'all to trek half way across the country to come and see us.

You will never know how much it meant to me, Beth...what a blessing to see Addison for the very first time. Oh Beth, she is such a beauty and girl you look like a million bucks. We had such a great time on our walk/run, just hanging out, Pappasito's, Chuy's, and even taking pictures at Picture People. Great memories and great fun with you two! Can't wait for Hilton Head.

Linda Williams said...

I just wish that I could have been a "fly on the wall"! I know you both had a wonderful time.....Family is so special and I am so thankful that you two girls are so close.

Mimi and Papa