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Saturday, April 25, 2009

the first Williams yard sale

Our neighborhood had a community yard sale today that we participated in. It is actually our FIRST and only yard sale we have done as a married couple. It wasn't bad...I wish we would have sold more. A lot of things I thought WOULD go, didn't. I'm going to try and Craig's list a few things this week. I'm $133.65 richer than I was when I woke up this morning. :) We set up with another family right beside us and three of the 4 of the homes in front of us were participating as well. I think it helped get us the most traffic. The interesting news was that I had set my alarm for what I thought to be 6AM but was woken up by Harrison at 7AM. Guessing the alarm was set for PM. BUMMER!!! Woke up panicking because the yard sale STARTED at 7AM. Anthony and I were running outside in the clothes we slept in trying to get our stuff to the street to meet the masses....that didn't arrive for another 30 min. :) Made for a fun start to the day!

Harrison and Jackson had a bake sale. Andrea made muffins for them to sell and I made cookies. They were a hoot! It helped them feel like they were a part and boy did they show off their selling skills. Their daddy was proud! :) They made $7.00!

Addison just hung out and enjoyed herself until she headed back inside for a nap. Perfect little Angel! :)


Katy said...

i'm so glad it was a SUCCESSFUL sale!! I think it was such a great idea to have the kids do their own little sale - i never can refuse the kids!!!

Reagan Lowe said...

I've been trying to talk myself into a yard sale....haven't done it yet!

Wasn't it hot yesterday? We had ballgames all day. I don't know which is worse a LONG ballgame in the heat or a yard sale.

I loved craigslist in much fun! I hope you are able to sell your goodies!

Jen said...

Fun times - I love yard sales and watching those things you don't need anymore make their exit!

Sheila said...

I saw your title "first" Williams yard sale and then focused on the picture in amazement before I read that it was with other neighbors! It looked like SOOOOOO much STUFF! The picture of the boys bake sale was adorable... wish I was there to buy something yummy! I read Katy's comment that she can't resist the "Kids", I wonder if she would have bought a "Rock" when you girls went door to door trying to sell them in the neighborhood? HA! These days are Sweet Memories in the making for your family! Thank you for sharing them with us! I LOVE reading your blog!!!
Love ya, Mom

Vonda said...

Oh yard sales...we have great stories of the 2 yard sales we did when we first got married and at that time we decided that would be the LAST yard sale for The Livingston Family, but reading your blog makes me want to do another one. Hee hee! And I am so very proud of my entrepreneurial nephews...go Harrison and Jackson!!!

Linda Williams said...

I am so proud of my two boys! Who can resist those two? Now....for the big question....What are they wanting to spend their 7.00 on?

Mimi and Papa