Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, April 30, 2009

i love a good laugh

i just read the cutest post on my friend Natalie's blog about her daughter Greta. Greta has mastered the art of taking off her clothes and gave her mommy a good laugh the other day.

i laughed out loud when i read it and was immediately reminded of my neighbor's daughter Taylor.

Taylor just turned 3 in march and has also mastered the whole taking off her clothes bit. you never know when she'll strike. it's not just one piece of clothing either, she takes EVERYTHING off. hilarious.

the other day Kristine and i were outside trying to figure out where she should plant her forsythia's that she had just bought. i turn around and there is Taylor, TOTALLY NUDE, sitting on top of one of those green electrical boxes in her yard. Kristine could have died and ran to take care of the problem.

the next day, we're all outside playing and i see something out of the corner of my eye, glance to the right and there goes Taylor running down the driveway...TOTALLY NUDE!!!! hysterical! i'm sure not so much to Kristine but i can't help but laugh my head off.

you NEVER know when Taylor will strike. i think that's part of the humor in it. aren't kids just the funniest little things! i love 'em!


Adam and Nat said...

When you commented about this on my blog I thought you needed to put this story on your blog. As I like to say, it is totally "blogworthy". Hilarious! Funny thing is, is I grew up with my mom telling me stories just like this about me! Now, I look at Greta and think this must've been what she was talking about. :)

Vonda said...

OH my word, Beth...just went to Nat's blog and the pics are hilarious and the story about Taylor is a hoot!!! Oh my word...I wonder if Ella Rose will be doing this anytime soon? I mean she doesn't have a whole lot of self control so I can see this coming! Hee hee!