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Thursday, April 2, 2009

you think he's excited???

Harrison leaves for his annual birthday trip to "Flor-dee-ya" (I know he's 7 now but I'm NOT correcting day I will miss it!!! and Jackson says it too now and it makes me very happy...OK back to my post) on April 10th, NEXT Friday. He tracked out of school this past Friday, March 26th and came straight home from school to pack. His suitcase has been sitting next to the door or in the living room ready to go ever since. :)

I LOVE IT!!! He is such a planner by nature but I LOVE how excited he is to go. He can hardly wait! He loves his Mimi and Papa so much and he LOVES the Villages where they live. I do too. Non stop fun. seriously. Yes, it's a retirement community but I wish I could live there. :) I know he's gonna have so much fun and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. He won't miss us. He never does. His bond with Mimi started very early on and he would pick her most days over me. I don't let it bother me. :) I know he loves me too.

I had a very similar bond with my Nanny. I wanted to live with her. I wanted to spend the night every week. I wanted to go to work with her. I soaked up being with my Nanny any minute I could. Most importantly, she wanted me. I always felt loved and never in the way. I would call her in secret and ask her to call to see if I could come spend the're not supposed to invite yourself! :) and she would. She'd wait a couple of minutes and call back to ask my Mom. My mom knew what I was up to I'm sure! :) I don't ever remember a time that Nanny said NO. I don't ever remember a time she was too busy to have me hang around with her or tag along.

I love that Harrison loves his Mimi and Papa. Jackson does too. He's excited about his trip too. :) How thankful we are for grandparents who love these precious kids and who LOVE spending time with them!

OH YEAH.....and I'M EXCITED TOO! I don't have my bag packed yet but very soon! Mimi and Papa arrive on Monday and Addison and I leave for San Antonio on Tuesday. While they watch the boys, Addison and I will be visiting with Ian, Vonda, Ella Rose, and Carolina Grace until Friday. I can hardly wait! I've never gotten to meet my sweet niece Carolina Grace and she is 9 1/2 mo. old and I haven't seen Ella Rose since she was 6 mo. old. It's been over a year and a half since I've seen Vonda, Ella Rose, and Ian!!! WAY TOO LONG!!!

So, as you can imagine, we are going to have the time of our lives when we see each other and get to play with all these little girls! I can't wait!

We ALL can't wait...these next two weeks are sure going to be fun!!!!
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The Hilemans said...

that suitcase picture is great! So telling! Hope you all have great trips!

Jen said...

WOW - that's a lot of excitement. You all are going to have a blast. What is Ian going to do with all you girls - how fun! I think I was probably just like Harrison, ready a week in advance! You are abundantly blessed with a Mimi and Papa that would do anything for you! Have a great time!

Janet said...

Love the suitcase! Love wonderful Grandparents! Enjoy all of the trips and I hope you knee is better. I've been thinking about you!

Linda Williams said...

Hey, Mimi and Papa has their bags almost packed ourselves to come keep those precious boys! It's a tough job.....but somebody has to do it....Now for the truth, It is NOT a tough job and I would be so upset if WE could not be the ones to do it!

We have so much planned.....We are excited to have each boy come and we have even stocked up on "Papa's Cereal" for Jackson!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Yea...we are counting down the days for you and Addison to arrive in Texas!!! Oh it will be so great meeting Addison for the first time. I can't believe she is 10 months old and we are finally meeting her. The girls are gonna love their cousin and their Aunt Bethie too!

And I love it that Harrison is already that precious or what. Ian and I were just talking about how Harrison used to call me Ga-Ga when he was Ella Rose's age. So adorable and can you believe I am even saying to Ella Rose, "Mimi and Papa live in Flor-dee-a."

Katy said...

Of course Harrison has his suitcase packed - he is READY! I'm so glad that all these trips have worked out for everyone. Poor Anthony is going to be the only one missing out on the fun! :)

Natalie said...

Have fun ya'll! Enjoy your vacations with family and friends:)

The Comers said...

What a picture! Adorable packing job!