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Saturday, May 10, 2008

sunday afternoon with friends

Sunday afternoon, May 4th, the boys spent the afternoon with some friends from church while mommy was experiencing some "false" labor. It's didn't feel very false and was quite painful but the hospital was able to make it go away and sent me home to wait a little longer. :)

As you can see from the pictures, the boys had a blast! I'm so thankful for the friendships that we've made in our Life Class and thankful that the kids are making friendships as well! Laura is fast becoming a professional with the camera. She's going to take pictures of the baby when she arrives and I can hardly wait! I know they will be incredible! I think we've found our new family photographer! :) Thanks Laura & Geof for taking our boys and entertaining them for the day! It meant so much to know they were in good hands!



Brothers (this picture was obviously before his haircut! :))

Harrison & Addie - this little sweetheart has taken a liking to Harrison and it's the cutest thing! Harrison doesn't mind the attention at all and I'm told they were quite cute hanging out for the afternoon! :)

They even got to go to Jack's house for a bonfire and s'mores! Although most of the kids wouldn't even try the s'mores because the marshmallows looked brown and yucky. :)

Jackson and his good buddy Jack

Jackson is quite the baby lover. He can't keep his hands off of them! He was able to get a lot of practice trying to be "gentle" while playing with Sam and Ellary. He just loves babies...sometimes a little too much! :)


Vonda said...

Oh wow your friend took such sweet pictures. It looks like they had a great time with their little friends and hey little Addie has great taste...ya know Harrison will be a mighty good catch. She sure is a beautiful little thing. So glad y'all have such great friends who can watch the boys if you go into labor before your Mama or Mimi and Papa arrive.

Linda Williams said...

What beautiful pictures!

Loved them!
Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

Those are great pics - she is a wonderful photographer.

Sheila said...

Wow! Such wonderful pictures...It looks like you had a great time...
Love, Mom