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Thursday, May 8, 2008

T-Ball Season 2008

Harrison's T-Ball Team Spring 2008

Isn't he just the cutest!!!

Jackson was ready to go! Observant parents that we are, we didn't notice Jackson was missing shoes until we got to the ball field. Oh well, I love being barefoot and he didn't seem to mind much either! :) This was also Jackson's birthday so we really had a big day planned!

Coach Anthony!

Harrison had practically finished his water bottle before the game began.

Jackson wished so badly he could join his big brother in the dug out! Won't be long...

Jackson and Mimi cheering on Harrison!

look at that little tongue! such concentration! :)

I'm so proud of our boy! He has really enjoyed T-Ball this year. Last year everything was still so new and he wasn't all that sure about it. Now he feels like he owns the field and it's so fun to see his confidence growing and his excitement too! Daddy is very proud!!!

We brought Jackson's Big Wheel because it's hard for little boys to stay interested in a game. There is a hill right next to the field that he figured out he could roll down and get up some good speed. He was hilarious! He is definitely the family dare devil! :)


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures of your boyish boys...Addison is going to enjoy her brothers and you will soon be enjoying a little pink mixed with ribbons and bows. She is bound to have a little "Tom-Boy" in her when she gets a little older...Anthony can make a basketball star of her, Harrison can teach her how to hit a home run and Jackson can assist her in driving a big wheel! You will have the privilege of teaching her to blog, cook, clean, and sing for Jesus!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom

Vonda said...

Oh I love these pics of Harrison playing ball and Jackson riding his Big Wheel! So proud that Anthony is coaching too...I know he must be so proud! Harrison looks like such a big boy these days and Jackson is not going to miss a thing is he? It's so great to see how close they are!

Linda Williams said...

Now are we blessed or what! Harrison really is doing so well with his t-ball and yes, Jackson amost run over his Mimi a couple of times on his Big Wheel! But what fun we had with those two that weekend!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

What is the deal with your boys showing up places without shoes! :) Gotta love being outside!! Harrison has really grown this year - his t-ball picture from last year is so different! And I'm glad to see anthony got an official coach's shirt this year! :) Oh yeah - and good for you for taking picture of Mimi the cheerleader! Something tells me she caused quite a ruckus cheering on her grandson!