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Saturday, May 10, 2008

a trip to the picture people

Here are the latest pictures of the boys. I was so pleased with how they turned out! Of course I'm biased, you know! :)
Harrison 6 years old
Jackson 3 years old


Vonda said...

Oh Beth, these pics are GREAT! Oh I love I have the most handsome nephews in the world or what??? Oh my goodness! I am getting a little teary eyed just seeing how grown up they are both looking these days...and I love the new pix you have placed at the top of your blog too. Can't wait until we get all 3 of your yougnin's and our 2 girls together for one big family pix. It may be a little chaotic but it will be great!

Linda Williams said...

Well, Hats off to Scottie! Wasn't that his name.....He did a great job except his personality did bring out Jackson's personality so, that is why we did have to take off in hot pursuit after him once. I know it was not easy doing that that particular night right after the Concert at Harrison's school but they really did come out really well!

Mimi and Papa

Heather said...

I LOVE the one with both of them giggling! What a true smile!!

Andy & Jen said...

What handsome little men! I wonder who little Addison will look like?

Stephens Family News said...

Hi Beth,
I love these pictures too!! :)
Which "picture people" place did you use? We might just have to check them out! Hope you're feeling ok these days. Looking forward to meeting Baby Addison!

Jen said...

Love the giggles one - so precious.

Adam and Nat said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS! Those are classic faces!

Heather J said...

Fantastic pictures!! The boys are looking SOOOO grown up!!!!

Sheila said...

These are gorgeous pictures of the boys...I loved it when I came to your site and saw the boys...what awesome SMILES!
Love, Mom