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Thursday, May 8, 2008

another haircut

I've been asking Jackson if I could cut his hair for a couple of weeks now. He has cried at every haircut he has gotten in his 3 short years of life. My mom cautioned me because he just has such a fit. She's been worried I would cut him or myself...she cut herself last time she cut his hair in March. Yes, March was his last haircut!!! :) So, I asked him the other day while we were playing in the back yard if he wanted to have mommy cut his hair and he said YES!!! So, immediately...and I'm not kidding...we went inside and I got everything out. I gave him a little bag of Jelly Beans and he didn't even cry or fuss once! I couldn't believe it! It was actually easier to cut than Harrison's because his hair is more forgiving. Harrison's hair is so straight and blunt that it can show imperfections easily. I was so happy with how it turned out and most of all happy that he agreed and it wasn't a traumatic experience! Hooray!!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job! I can't believe he didn't cry for you but I am so pleased...The candy was a smart idea...wish I had thought of that! Ha!
Love, Mom

Andy & Jen said...

You're becoming quite talented! Oh, the magic of candy. It's gotten us through many hair cuts.

Vonda said...

Wow Beth I am so impressed! You are becoming quite the pro and Jackson's hair looks awesome! And just think of all the $$$ you are saving. He is such a cutie too...I'm sure he enjoyed those jelly beans...he's like his Mimi huh??? She can never get enough Jelly Beans.

Linda Williams said...

Now, isn't he absolutely the cutest little thing you ever seen! He was SO GOOD! And Beth, I am impressed with the haircuts you are giving!You are doing so good that I am sure any minute Anthony is gonna shout "My turn!"


Katy said...

It looks SO great!!! You did such a great job...and I'm all about jelly beans! I'm getting my hair cut tonight...maybe I should take some jelly beans with me! :)

Jen said...

Now - it's Anthony's turn to let you take a crack at his!!!