Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, May 29, 2008

a date set

no baby yet. next thursday i will be induced if the baby has not decided to come.

the negative - REALLY hoping i don't have another full week. not feeling like i can make it that long

the positive - God's timing is perfect and at least there is an end in sight. can't go on like this forever.

thanks for all of your encouragement! it will all be worth it when we are holding our girl in our arms and we are thinking only of that! :)


Stephens Family News said...

Hi Beth,
So looking forward to meeting Baby Addison! Hang in there! Know that we're thinking of you and praying for you! :o)

Kim said...

Oh Beth! I truly feel for you. I was in the same situation with Hannah. All we had to do was schedule the induction and she arrived on her own within forty eight hours. I think it's just a girl thing:) She just wants a little extra time to get ready. She'll be here soon - we are praying for you!!

Bridgette said...

Bethy! What about bowling? Didn't it work for Harrison? What about raspberry tea? Poor you. I really do feel badly, however, at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now!

Heather said...

it's crazy seeing "Beth is 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant!" on the countdown!

Caitlin L said...

Oh Beth, I know how that feels. I was also over 10 days late with Lael. The last part is the hardest, but you can do it! You are almost there.

Heather said...

Im praying for you Beth...I know its so hard to wait and yet when she does arrive you will know it was God's perfect timing! Hang in there sweety!

Adam and Nat said...

Ahhhh! The suspense is killing me! I keep looking thinking this is the day I will see precious Baby Addison's face on the blog! You get the "patience and perserverance award" Beth. Hang in there!!