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Sunday, May 11, 2008

sunday school recap

mommy: "jackson, did you enjoy sunday school today?"

jackson: "no."

mommy: "why not?"

jackson: "ms. cindy put me a time out."

mommy: "why did you have to go in time out?"

jackson: "me hit maffiew (matthew)."

mommy: "well, you are not supposed to hit your friends jackson. it's good that ms. cindy put you in time out."

jackson: "but me hit my brudder at home, me like it."


Natalie said...

LOVE all your new posts. The picture people pictures turned out great, and the ones with your friends are fabulous too!!! I love this post...boys will be boys:) Hope you are well...can't wait for Addison's arrival!!! Hugs from VB:)

Katy said...

Oh well. You can't win them all, right? So funny. I can see his face all huffy when he said this too!

Vonda said...

One day Beth, you're gonna love looking back at all these blog posts and seeing what your boys (and soon Addison too) were up to. This is one of those that you need to put on a wedding video when Jackson marries that really great girl one day...I know everyone will be in stitches. And ya know come to think about it, that pix with Jackson with the ink all over him would be a good one too. :)

Amanda said...

Beth, not too much longer! I am so excited for all of you to be having that baby soon! Can't wait to hear that she is hear and all is well!

Andy & Jen said...

He is definitely all boy. Too cute!

Sheila said...

You simply must ask questions to understand the mind of a small child...Especially our Jackson! That was such an unexpected response from him about hitting his brother...and so honest!
Love, Mom