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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Addison's Nursery

I've finished the nursery! I have a couple more things I'd like to get for the shelf and for the bookcase (once the diapers cakes have been disassembled) but I don't know what yet and will just pick them up as I come across them. :) It feels SO good to have this accomplished and I can truly say we are ready to greet her! I LOVE the room, I LOVE the colors, I LOVE the plaques hanging over the crib, I just LOVE everything! It's exactly what I'd pictured in my head! So, now we just need our baby girl to arrive so she can check out her new room! :)

I love the diaper cakes! The HOT pink one Katy made and is size 1 diapers and the Pink & Green one was made by my friend Laura from church and they are size 2 diapers! Perfect! I get to enjoy them and don't have to tear them apart too quickly! Perfect!!!

I had seen these on a website but didn't like the colors they came in...wouldn't match the room. My friend Natalie is quite the "crafty" girl so I asked her if she thought she could do it. She was up for the challenge and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! I LOVE THEM!!! It was the perfect finishing touch to the room! Thanks Nat!!! :)

Next time I post pictures of the nursery, hopefully our baby girl will be laying peacefully in her bed! :) Can't wait!!!!


Janet said...

It is just beautiful Beth! Don't ya just love to go in there, maybe sit in the chair,and dream of the day your baby comes home? Oh....I have goose bumps just thinking of your anticipation. Praying for all to go well!

Courtney said...

wow! it's beautiful, beth!

Ward Blog said... did a great job :)

Andy & Jen said...

I love the letters over her crib! I know you're just so excited to be able to decorate a room in pink! We can't wait to meet her!

Adam and Nat said...

You're welcome Beth! I seriously had a great time doing it. The room looks beautiful!

Heather said...

I can't wait to see it in person:) YAY>..only a few more weeks to go!

The Hilemans said...

such a retreat! I LOVED sitting in EB's room before she came - sometimes when it was dark I would go in there and shut the door and turn on the mobile that projected swimming stars and fish on the ceiling and just rock. I still sometimes retreat to her room (but she's with me) and shut the big kids out for a few minutes just to get a quick break. :) And I love the hanging dresses. I still have treasured little dresses hanging as decor in EB's and Ad's room. Just a precious reminder of how little they were. :)

Anonymous said...


I love the colors and just the cute cozy girl look it has. Addison has a great place to lay her head.


The Tucker Trio said...


The room looks beautiful! Ryan and I are so happy for you and Anthony!


Amanda said...

The room looks gorgeous! You guys did a great job, and it looks so cozy! I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to see pics of her when she finally arrives!

Linda Williams said...

The only thing missing.....ADDISON!

She is going to be the "finishing touch" that makes this room absolutely PERFECT!

Mimi and Papa cannot wait! But....although we are anxious, just give us a heads up when the time is near.....Hopefully 8 hrs is all we need! Raleigh, here we come!!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

Ohhh it looks SO great!! All that hard work has totally paid off - it's beautiful!!!! Now for the cherry on top - Baby Addison!! She's going to LOVE it!!! (and by the way, Sue said you've about convinced her to redo the nursery once Hamilton is out - she's loving these pictures!)

And you never told me about the other diaper cake - how fab!!!

Vonda said...

Oh Beth, thanks so much for posting pictures of Addison's room. Yeah...oh her room is just so beautiful and we can't wait to meet our little niece...we're counting down the days!

Christy said...

Addison's nursery is BEAUTIFUL Beth...hope you are feeling well! :)