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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our girl is 4 months old!!!

Had to take a brief break from the vacation posts and post about Addison's 4 mo. well baby visit today! She's doing awesome! A very happy, healthy baby girl! :)

She weighs 12lbs 10.6oz (35th percentile)
She is 24 3/4 inches long (75th percentile)

We seem to have long, lean babies! She reminds me so much of the boys in her build. Harrison was 15lbs 25 1/2 inches at 4 mo. and Jackson was 12lbs 4oz 24 1/2 inches at 5mo. She's somewhere in the middle there. It's fun to look back and compare. :)

"not sure if i want to smile yet, i seem to remember something bad about the last time i saw you Dr. Murnane." "ok, just a little smile."

showing off her tricks! see the wet shirt??? this girl drools so much i can't keep her dry! her clothes are always wet and she isn't teething apparently!

the boys were so upset that the doctor had left to tell the nurse to get the shots ready they kept hiding. it was their way of being anxious for their sister. so sweet. do you think she knows what is coming or tired of being handled by her brothers. probably both!!!

the boys were able to get the flu MIST instead of the SHOT! thank goodness. i don't think i could have handled another experience like the last. grown boys kicking and flailing and screaming at the top of their lungs. no, daddy will be joining us in dec. for the hep. booster they will be getting. not doing that alone again! :)

this is just pitiful isn't it! she must have cried for a solid 15 minutes after her shots. the boys would always cry and then do the silent, take it all in, wait for it....huge scream and then cry for a couple minutes and then they were fine. off to sleep right away for a LONG time. she screamed and cried from the start and didn't stop until i was able to start feeding her in the car. poor thing. then on our way home she stayed completely awake and talked as usual. didn't go to sleep until i put her in her bed. funny. always comparing you know? :) hoping she'll have a good day and won't be too put out about all of this!

Addison Grace Williams at 4 months old
Isn't she sweet????

I can't believe this little girl is already 4 months old! Where is the time going??? She is so sweet and we just love her SO much! Here's what she's up to these days...

Sleeps 10-12 hours at night
Take 3 naps a day (sometimes a 4th cat nap)
Eats 6 times a day, usually 3 hours stretches sometimes 3 1/2 once or twice
Nurses for 30 min, sometimes less
Rolls from back to tummy (2 1/2 months old)
Rolls from tummy to back (3 months old, finally SAW her do it in Florida this past week but knew she was doing it by how i would find her in her bed.)
Pushes up on her legs to get her bottom in the air or up on knees. Can anyone say early crawler? OH NO! I hope not!
Sleeps on both tummy and back, it changes all throughout the night
Smiles at everyone, such a happy and friendly girl!
Very content and doesn't cry all that much
Sucks two middle fingers and puts her pointer and pinky fingers up on her face
No longer will take the pacifier
Has started to lay her head on your shoulder and snuggle and coo (LOVE THAT)
Talks and gurgles to get attention
Hates to be alone, wants to be in the same room with everyone when she is awake
Starts to grunt when tired and wants to be put in her bed
Doesn't cry when put down to sleep, just flips immediately over onto her tummy, puts fingers in her mouth and closes her eyes. WOW
Has figured out how to jump in the johnny jumper
Loves to be outside, loves the stroller, loves the baby bjorn
Talks and smiles at herself while looking in her mirror in the car
Wants to be held upright, doesn't like to be held in the cradle position unless nursing
When she smiles at you, she kicks and screams in delight
Not laughing yet, just little small giggles
Holds hands together so dainty
Crosses ankles while sitting and sleeping, so sweet!
Likes to have her hand out straight laying on some portion of you. She'll just rub your arm, so sweet!

What a blessing this girl is! We love you Addison Grace and we are loving watching you grow!!!


Jen said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect little girl. I love that last picture of her I can actually see her cousins in her too! The boys were sweet to be so supportive of her!

Stephens Family News said...

So cute! What a blessing about the way she goes to sleep! :o) I think you should add to the list how photogenic she is! :o)

Vonda said...

Oh I just love these pictures. Addison is adorable!!! And the boys hiding is just precious...oh how they love their little Sister. And Beth, I think it's great that you have all the things she's doing right now because it's so easy to forget these things later. Oh I can't wait to see Harrison and Jackson and meet my new niece Addison. They are just so sweet and I miss y'all so much!

Katy said...

What a GREAT post! I'm SO excited to get my hands on her (and the rest of your brood) tomorrow! I LOVE the outfit on her - it was one of my faves on Callie girl too. Addison is reminding me so much of her - doing so many of the same things. Except the finger sucking -that's a new one! Oh, she's just such a sweet girl - doing SO great! All that hard work at the beginning has paid off! YEA Beth!

Janet said...

Wait.....didn't you JUST have Addison Grace??? Four months already? NO way! What a doll!


I always wondered how you were able to blog so frequently with a newborn, now I know - your baby sleeps 10-12 hours and has 3 naps every day- haha!! What a great entry, it's so complete and gives us a great picture of what Addison is doing these days. She's mobile so early, must be because she's so lean! Love the pics, you're brave to bring 3 kids to the doctors visit!

Linda Williams said...

Oh that mean ole doctor should not have hurt my baby so bad! Of course I am kidding but she did look so pitiful......I am proud of her older brother bearing all that pain for her and on her behalf. They will be good husbands one see they are already sympathetic to a woman's life!

Mimi and Papa