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Monday, October 27, 2008

adjusted nicely

Just wanted to update you on Harrison....

He's doing absolutely fine with his broken arm. People said he would adjust and get to the point where he hardly noticed his cast and they were right. I think he's there! He doesn't want any more help dressing, brushing teeth, getting ready, buckling seat belts, etc... He does need help getting his shoes on. He is no longer wearing the sling. He's gotten used to the heaviness of the cast and feels a little restricted in the sling. :) He is using his left hand for writing and doing a great job. He's a bit tired of "trying" once he gets home from school so his teacher has said he just needs to do what he can for homework but won't be penalized for what he can't get done. Very helpful.

Oh, and he's lost his 5th tooth! This boy is loosing teeth left and right. He's lost both top and bottom middle teeth and lost his top left eye tooth while we were in TN. Today, his bottom left eye tooth is VERY loose. I'd give it another day or two. AND, he's still taking care of all of this by himself. He's pulled every one. :)

He's doing GREAT!!! I told him how great he was doing with his broken arm and he said "yeah, it can just stay broken, I'm fine." A good attitude to have, but I know he'll be excited November 17th when he'll get his arm back! :)


Heather said...

what a blessing! it's amazing what kids can adjust to:). i am STILL not looking forward to seeing teeth fall out of C's mouth..yuck!:)

Janet said...

I forgot to tell you that, when I saw Harrison las t Wed. night and said, "Hey Harrison." He turned and the first thing he did was stick out his arm to show it to me. I'd say he is adjusting so very well. :) I love it!

Vonda said...

What a tropper Harrison is! I still wish he would have gotten a white one so his friends could have written on his cast, but hey it's Harrison's cast so he can do whatever he wants right? He is the one who has to wear it for 4 weeks.

Linda Williams said...

Harrison, we are proud of you for accepting the bad things in life and making the best of them! We love you, we love you best and we don't want to hear another word about it!

Mimi and Papa