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Saturday, October 18, 2008

a broken arm at date night, a first in so many ways!

Harrison talking to him Mimi and Papa, telling them about his broken arm!

Well, we never dreamed when we headed out tonight that we would be bringing Harrison home in a cast. It was our turn to watch kids at our Life Class's monthly date night. We were at the Richardson's and the kids were having a blast running around, playing with their friends. They had already eaten dinner and played outside and the night was half over, everything was going perfectly! Justin and Harrison started chasing the girls with a pretend snake and boy were they having a ball trying to scare the girls. :)

It was a blast until Harrison came running around the corner in the kitchen and slipped and fell. He started crying immediately and if you know Harrison he can get pretty excited and dramatic about an injury! He was wailing and screaming that his arm was broken while rolling on the floor. I was worried somewhat because he was crying so hard but felt sure that once he got settled down he would be off playing in no time.

He cried and cried for about 45 minutes. We checked his arm multiple times but didn't see anything that looked strange, no swelling, and he didn't even complain when we touched it. Finally, I lifted his arm to move him over a bit on the couch and he really wailed. I asked Anthony to come in, who was watching kids (what we were supposed to be HELPING with while instead tending to our own child!), and he continued to check Harrison out. We decided to take him to the Urgent Care knowing we didn't want to end up in the ER waiting and waiting until the wee hours of the morning. Chad had a recommendation of where to go and Anthony took off with our very upset child!

I called a few times and never got through to Anthony. Finally, about 7:30pm he showed up with Harrison in a cast and sling! Yes, he HAD broken his arm! Oh my goodness, was I glad they had gone and gotten things checked out!!! His right arm is broken right near the elbow. His cast is temporary and we will see an Orthopedic on Monday!

I can't tell you all the things I'm thinking about! School starts Monday for him, how is he going to write!!!??? We've never had a broken bone with our kids before so this is a FIRST. It's also the first broken bone at a date night and hopefully the LAST! :) I was at least glad that it was our child who was injured and not one of the parents out on their date! That would have been a horrible phone call to make! :)

He's fine. It hurts but he is being very brave. Interested to see how the night goes. I have him on a pallet on the couch. He would have too much trouble getting out of the top bunk if he needs us. Hopefully things will go well with the doctor on Monday. Anthony said the Urgent Care doctor said, "yeah, it's broken alright. I don't think he'll need surgery though." WHAT! That never entered our minds! I should hope not! :)

I know this post is long but I have to say everything I'm thinking for memories sake! I was just saying to Katy the other day, "can you believe that neither of us has been to the ER for a broken bone or stitches with these boys?" She said, "DON'T say it Beth! now it's probably going to happen!" I guess this is all my fault! I should've never said a thing! :) Harrison is quite proud of his cast! He LOVES to have a story to tell and he'll be sharing this one for a LONG time!!!


Sherri said...

Oh no, Beth! I'm SO sorry - and we should have been there helping tonight. Of course, had I been there, I surely would have passed out - and then there would be 2 people at urgent care. Poor little guy. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. We will pray he heals soon.

Vonda said...

Oh my word...poor Harrison but he does look proud doesn't it? I so remember going to the ER each time Anthony broke his arm. (I think it was a total of 3 times before he was 7) And they have much cooler slings these days...that little doggy on there is really cool. Give Harrison a big hug from us and tell him I wish we could sign his cast.

Jen said...

Oh my - what a milestone, the first broken bone - hopefully the last. Glad he's enjoying it for the most part. My nephew just got his most recent cast off. There's something about 6 year old boys and casts! Happy Healing Harrison!

Andy and Jen said...

Bless his heart. I bet he'll wear his cast like a badge of honor though. It's a boy thing.

Linda Williams said...

Well, I surely do hate it that my little man has entered the world of accidents and injuries but I guess he has got to do that before he gets to college. With my 2 "accidents waiting to happen"(and you know who I am referring to) I spent a few hours in the hospital waiting rooms. But praise the Lord, they do heal and will be fine. We will be praying for you, Harrison.

Mimi and Papa

dandsratz said...

Oh Beth...what a story!! I can't believe that this happened to Harrison!! Dave & I have said the exact same thing....when are we going to end up at the ER w/ a broken bone....agh!! Little boys!! :) We'll be praying for his appt tomorrow, and give him a big hug from us! We hope he feels & heals better SOON!

Katy said...

I just KNEW we had jinxed ourselves Beth! With what I said about Callie, now I'm worried that she'll be next!!! I just KNEW that there would be a picture of harrison on the phone telling someone about his cast - i just knew it! praying that tomorrow goes smoothly and that you're able to get in EARLY! Oh - and praying for GOOD sleep for all of you!!!