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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

arriving, golfing, painting pottery, WOW

You'll be interested to know I've just put 41 pictures in this post. Looks like I'm gonna be going over my 100 picture goal. Oh well, this really is for me more than it is for you, right??? :) This was our first day...I haven't even gotten to the good stuff! :)

This trip was Addison's FIRST plane ride. She did GREAT! The boys were so excited that she was going on a plane for the first time. Travel by plane has been such a part of our lives for so long. It was neat to be able to take her so young and get her started off on the right track in the Williams family! We are a traveling family, that is for sure! :)

Did I have her dressed up or what??? No jammies for this flying baby! :)

Mimi had a GREAT meal planned for us when we arrived. Can you tell Addison was excited to be at Mimi's house for the first time! Cody, get used to these pictures...Mimi takes a ton! :)

After lunch, the boys headed out for a game of golf. This is the main reason Anthony and Chris love The Villages so much! GREAT golf and CHEAP golf and as much as they can stand to play! 33 courses to be exact! A golfer's dream! I think Anthony and Chris are counting down the days to retirement! would think they were worn out from years of pressure in the work world. nope, just want to live a life of golf, golf, golf! :)

i know y'all probably think i'm silly but the golf cart is one of my favorite things about going to see Mimi and Papa. the kids LOVE it! you could just ride them around on it all day and they would be as happy as can be. you can drive it ANYWHERE. i'm not kidding. walmart, groceries, pool, restaurants, etc... pretty much anywhere. that's why they only have one car. it's more fun to drive the golf cart! :)

the bjorn worked so well on our trip. addison loved being in it and was as peaceful as ever. actually there is hardly a time when this girl is not peaceful!

came to the pottery place, Amazing Glaze, for the boys and the mommy's to paint a little bit. had to make sure we did it first thing because it takes a week for your piece to come back.

Harrison painted a Lady Dog - you know, Lady and the Tramp.

Jackson painted an alligator. he's all about them these days.

cody painted a four wheeler

you would be proud of me. i stayed completely out of it and didn't direct them at all when it came to their works of art. and i'm so glad i did. they turned out absolutely adorable and i know they were made by my boys...all by themselves!

i painted a platter with Addison's feet prints and the boys hand prints. Jessica painted an adorable pumpking dish.

poor Addison, she didn't know what to think of that cold paint on her feet!

Harrison making his hand prints

Jackson making his handprints

we did it in the shape of a butterfly. i came back a couple days later and did the finishing touches! it is so beautiful and this picture doesn't hardly do it justice! i can't wait to have this up somewhere in the house for everyone to see!

Addison was sacked out after a LONG day! it was a GREAT start to our week and i can't wait to show you more of all the fun things we did!

stay tuned! :)


The Hilemans said...

i love love love love love that platter! I'm totally ripping off that idea and doing it before EB's feet get too big!

sarah said...

I too love the platter, what a great idea! I love to paint pottery it is so fun! Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures from your trip! :)

Heather said...

I'm glad the butterfly turned out so cute! Our preschool parents always loved that one when we did it! Welcome back....for a few days:)

Vonda said...

Yea! You have posted pics! I feel like I've been to The Villages...oh my Addison is getting just so big and she is a little Harrison for sure...oh my word! And ya know Mimi looks like she's having a ball taking her around in that Baby Bjorn doesn't she? Is she a proud Mimi or what?

And the platter Beth is just precious! Oh I just LOVE IT!!! You will treasure that for many years to come. So glad y'all had such a great time and can't wait to see more pictures. And Ian constantly talks about wanting to retire to The Villages one day too and he doesn't even play golf. :)

Adam and Nat said...

Cute idea with the butterfly! Glad you guys had a good trip.

Jen said...

And that's just the first day! Phew...LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly, how sweet. I think Harrison did great on the Lady. I would like the golf cart too, they're so much fun!

Katy said...

The pottery pictures are so cute - the boys did GREAT!! Did you see that Jon & Kate episode when they went? Hilarious! Of COURSE Harrison painted Lady! Good for you for letting them do it too - so cute. LOVE your top in those pictures too by the way! What fun. Chris came back and was raving about the golf on Sunday. It was all he could talk about. Good grief - how boring! A golf cart though - now THAT is FUN!

Oh - and I can't believe it was Addison's first plane trip!!! Hard to believe isn't it? Flying in style!

Natalie said...

Fantastic!!! Looks like you all had so much fun. And LOVE the platter...turned out so cute.

Linda Williams said...

Did we have a wonderful 1st day or what! We were so glad you all came to see us and I do believe we enjoyed your being here as much as you all enjoyed being here! It is so much fun to share our retirement with our children!

Mimi and Papa