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Sunday, October 19, 2008

update on Harrison

Well, some of the "excitement" (if you can call it that) has worn off. Harrison had a very difficult night last night sleeping. He woke up around 3am in a lot of pain. He finally drifted back off to sleep about 4am. I had to sing today in the DLC so we decided to take him to church and see how he would do. We figured the distraction would be good for him.

He did have a good time but was just really complaining of the pain. We left after the service and came on home. All three of my boys and my baby girl took good naps while I took a quick trip to the running store to check out some new shoes (rabbit trail - didn't get any but found out what type I do need so very helpful). Once I got home, we went outside for a little while but he just is having a hard time.

His cast is not very sturdy, it's temporary so if the sling gets loose, the heaviness of the cast pulls the arm down and it's painful for him. We're trying to keep the medicine going every 4 hours to stay on top of his pain.

I'm very uptight about what to expect this week. I know I need to chill out but I'm stressing about all the things I don't know yet. I don't know what time we'll see the doctor tomorrow or IF they will be able to see us. I don't want him to go to school without a permanent cast. He's in too much pain and I'm afraid just a bump could mess things up further. He's on pretty strong meds for a kid so I'm not even sure if the school will want him there while he's on it or how long he will need to take it! I'm worried he could miss up to a week of school and while he's hardly ever sick and probably won't miss that much I'm just stressing! I'm worried about how they will work with him, how he will take tests, will everything be given oral, blah, blah, blah.... I know! I need to just go to school this week and talk things out with his teacher...but AFTER I've seen the again, another thing to wait for to find out more information!

Why does this stuff always happen on the weekend? No doctors in the office, can't make any appointments, can't have all my questions answered when I want them to be! :)

I need to take a step back and breathe! He's gonna need a lot of help these next how ever many weeks. I can see that today. We'll get through it. I know many families have experienced things like this and get by, we will too!

Just going to pray for him that he will get good rest tonight, that whatever they say tomorrow will be good news, news we can live with. Going to pray that getting the new cast won't be too painful for him. :( I know he will feel much better once things are more secure. Gonna pray they will see us tomorrow! Pray with me, please!

Here he is, how he has been most of the day and will be for most of the night. He's relaxing and watching Tom and Jerry, his new favorite! So fun to hear him laughing down there watching my own personal favorite cartoon! :) I'll let you know how things go tomorrow...


Amanda said...

I will be praying for you guys! We have been there with Jett, he broke his arm riding his brand new scooter on his 3 birthday. Happy Birthday to him, Right?! I promise it will get better, the first couple of days/nights are tough, but he will soon forget he has the cast on. It was amazing the things Jett was still able to do with his cast on, and it will be a forever memory!

Stephens Family News said...

Poor Harrison! :o( I hope he'll be feeling better soon. We just prayed for him as we prayed with Noelle before bedtime. :o)

Tim Haas (Tech Team at PBC) has 2 sons who play on the same football team together at NRCA. They are 13 months apart. Get THIS...Chris noticed this morning that BOTH of them had a cast on their RIGHT arm this morning at Church. He asked Tim about it, and he said that they BOTH got hurt playing football on Friday night in the SAME game! One of them broke his wrist and the other one broke his collar bone. WOW! One kid in a cast is hard enough...I'm SO glad you don't have 2 kids with broken bones!

Katy said...

Oh Beth. Take a deep breath. You'll feel much better tomorrow once you call and get his appointment, talk with his teacher. he's going to be fine. he's NOT going to miss a week of school. he'll be great. what does jackson think of all this i wonder? this too shall pass - call me tomorrow when you hear something.

Janet said...

We're praying you guys through this! You'll feel SO much better about things when he gets his permanent cast and you'll be amazed at what he'll be able to do. Really!

Praying you all get some rest tonight!

Heather said...

Oh HARD it is to see our kids suffer! I'll be praying for you guys tonight...I hope you get in to see the doctor tomorrow! Let me know if you need me to watch Jackson for you...

Sherri said...

We're praying for you and for him.
How timely the sermon was yesterday during a time when you (and many others including myself) have SO much on our hearts. God certainly knows our needs.

What a blessing to hear him laugh at the cartoon.

Linda Williams said...

I am so glad that he got into the doctor today. I just could not wait to hear from you today. I am so glad that his voice seemed as cheerful as it did!

Love you Harrison!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Oh my word I didn't comment on this one either...I too am so glad y'all were able to get in to see the Doctor in a timely manner and you didn't have to wait too long. I know it was really rough for a couple of days while Harrison waited for his cast.