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Monday, October 20, 2008

he's all fixed up

the first picture says it all, he was having a hard time! his poor little arm and hand were so swollen when they took off the temporary cast.

he chose dark blue for his cast. he said he wanted it because it matched his room. :) Anthony asked him if he was sure because one you picked you couldn't change your mind and a dark color wouldn't be able to be signed. he was very clear that he didn't want anyone signing it. i guess he thought that would mess it up or something! :)

Addison cried more in that office than she has since she was born. don't know why. think she was just over tired or extremely sensitive to her brother and all he was going through! :) Dr. Silver fixed Harrison right up! Doesn't it look nice! :)

We were SO happy to be able to get in to the Orthopedic this morning. Kelly was so kind to watch Jackson for us so we could both be with Harrison. I was worried it might be painful for Harrison for them to mess with his arm but he handled it like a man! I was so proud of him! The doctor said it was a "good" break to have and that it should heal up very nicely. It's broken on the top backside of the elbow. He'll have to wear the cast for 4 weeks, which I didn't think was too bad.

He fell asleep in the car on the way home around 11:45am and slept until 4:15pm. It's been a long weekend and he's had some sleepless nights. He said right away after the cast was on that it didn't hurt too bad and he was excited he could knock it on things and he couldn't feel it. He knocked on the stairwell on the way out of the Dr.'s office just to see. so funny! I'm glad he's feeling better! He's still a bit irritable and I just think he's uncomfortable. We've moved to Motrin today so I plan to send him to school tomorrow and have them call me if he has trouble. I hope he'll be fine but I know it's going to take time for him to get used to his cast. We'll just see how things go.

I feel better now that he's in his cast. I know he'll be in less pain and it's so hard to see your child in pain like that! He's already tired of his cast and itchy. Little does he know how long these four weeks are going to feel. Tonight he said he was tired of having a broken arm and he wanted his cast off. I think I'll be hearing that a lot, what do you think???


Janet said...

Oh Beth, what a precious little guy and the things they sometimes have to go through. Wait until tomorrow....he'll be the star at school. Talk about a 'show and tell'. Kids that haven't had a broken arm will actually go home wishing they could have a cast themselves. I think (and hope) tomorrow will be fun for him to show it off!

Heather said...

First of all that picture of Addison is SO cute! As for Harrison, I'm glad he is feeling better and was able to get some much needed rest! Thank goodness he only needs to wear the cast for four weeks...most kids I know have had to wear them for at least six! I'll be praying that the itching doesn't bother him TOO bad:).

Katy said...

Such a conscientious boy - wanting to match his room! You can tell him that he picked Titans colors for his cast and it's SO handsome!!! I'll be anxious to hear how it goes at school today. SO glad he had such a good nap yesterday (am hoping yours was that good too, although I know you didn't get 4 hours), and hoping your night was better last night oo!

Jen said...

Glad he's on the mend and in a more permanent cast. I think he'll probably be swinging it around in no time. The kids at school will probably think it's really cool too! Hope your feeling better Harrison!

Natalie said...

This is what I get for not checking the blog in a few days....YIKES! Poor guy. I can totally sympathize with the pain at night and the cast because of Parker's leg. I am so sorry for the little guy. Sending hugs and love your way:)

Linda Williams said...

Harrison, We are so glad you are feeling better! That is one nice looking cast! Your Daddy's cast was white (that was in the olden days and they did not have cast in living color) and boy did it ever get dirty in those weeks! Yours will not show dirt as much.....Good selection of colors!

Love you,
Mimi and Papa

Stephens Family News said...

That's a cool cast, Harrison! You did a good job picking your color! :o)

Heather J said...

Poor Harrison! Sounds like he is being a super trooper! I think breaking a bone is a rite of passage for boys though I pray you never have to go thru that again (or me with my boys!!)

Vonda said...

Ya know Beth I did read this post but I don't know why I didn't comment. It must have been one of those moments I ended up having to change 2 diapers within about 10 seconds and I never got back around to commenting. My brain kinda leaves me sometimes these days!

Harrison looks kinda pitiful as they were fixing his cast up. I'm sure he was still in a lot of pain too. So glad they didn't end up having to set it and just think he only has about 3 weeks to go now.